Promising start, first benchmarks of the NVIDIA Tegra SoC K1

On the website, Digital Storm they have revealed the first benchmarks of the SoC NVIDIA Tegra K1, showing impressive results, at least when it comes to graphics, since it seems that NVIDIA has left something in the pipeline as far as computing power is concerned, since in this area this SoC has shown some pretty mediocre results, […]

Details on upcoming SoC Intel Atom SoFIA and Broxton are revealed

From Golem we get some details on the future SoC Intel Atom “SoFIA”, and “Broxton” , based on micro, based on the Airmont Goldmont architectures respectively. These SoC will focus on smartphones and tablets, and represent a major advance in order to adapt to market requirements increasingly focused on this segment. The SoC SoFIA belongs to […]

G-SKILL to support DDR4 and DDR3 models at 3 GHz

Last Day of presentations at IDF13 was dedicated to memory for high end Intel platforms. This time G-Skill shows off its new DDR4 modules, after which Kingston did the same earlier, besides giving us another sample of his new optimized memory for Ivy Bridge E at 3000 MHz. Along with the star of the day, […]

MSI Launches First All-in-one 27-inch intended for Gaming

  Micro Star International (MSI) announced the launch of the first 27-inch AIO (All-in-one or all in one) computer intended for  Gaming. Its name is MSI AG2712, and as mentioned has a 27-inch screen with an entire high-end system inside. The AG2712 has an portable Intel i7 core quad core range, and is equipped with […]

Intel releases new 335 Series with 20nm NAND

Intel has announced it is shipping its first SSD featuring 20nm NAND flash memory. This “industry leading” flash is the most energy efficient NAND on the market and this is the first time it is being used in a consumer/client targeted SSD range. The Intel 335 Series is based upon a SandForce SF-2281 controller. Initially there will just be […]

Intel to begin Haswell production later this year

Intel Corp. on Thursday reported its financial results for the third quarter of the year. Even though the company retained profitability, its sales were down 5% year-over-year and the outlook for the ongoing quarter the company provided points to continued issues with demand for personal computers. Nonetheless, the company is on track to start production […]

Acer TravelMate P453, new laptop for professionals

Acer has just introduced a new laptop that is part of its line designed for the professional user, referring to the entrepreneur or executive who needs an office environment at all times and the convenience of a handy computer, has midrange performance and above all, is affordable. This is the new Acer TravelMate P453. Most […]

AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU can reach 6.5GHz with LN2

AMD is claiming that its $ 140 A10-5800K Trinity APU is capable of up to 6.5GHz with LN2 cooling. This makes it superior to Intel’s offerings in terms of “GHz-bang-for-buck” considering a 2500K costs $ 220 and would struggle to get near those same speeds under LN2, whilst the new Ivy Bridge chips are even […]

Toshiba Satellite U845W

As if all that we have seen was not enough the renowned company Toshiba just added a new ultraportable to the already plagued netbooks market, tablets and laptops are increasingly lightweight and powerful. This time it is a laptop that the company unveiled at Computex this year as the new proposal from the so-called “ultrabooks […]