MSI announces improvements to its GE60 and GE70 gaming laptops

MSI has announced a series of enhancements to its portable gaming GE60 and GE70 laptops to further increase performance. These laptops will become part of next Intel Ivy Bridge upgrade as well as the faster Nvidia GTX 660M graphics core, which is an improvement of around 15% over the previous GTX 560M and GT 650M. They […]

The Microsoft Marketplace unveils new name, Windows Phone Store

The software giant decided to make some changes to its app store. Through the official Windows Phone blog, Microsoft said that as of now, the store will be changed to become Windows Marketplace Phone Store. Also, as the company mentioned, Windows Phone Store will come with a cleaner design and will have a new tool […]

Photoshop Touch for iOS and Android gets updated with interesting improvements

Photoshop Touch, is the popular Adobe design editor mobile application designed specifically for tablets, which just received a major update in the latest 1.3 version and brought interesting improvements for both iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with this application, I commented that users will have the ability to create layered images, edit their images […]

ADATA XPG SX910: SSD drive equipped with SF-2281 controller

Its a good time to buy an SSD drive, since the prices are pretty good and best of all, they continue to fall as we have talked about at The well-known manufacturer ADATA has released its latest drives, SSD ADATA XPG SX910 Series, some come equipped with SSD controller SandForce SF-2281. one hand and […]

MacBook Pro 13″ Benchmark: Better than the previous MacBook Air and previous MacBook pro by 10-15%

Every time we’re hearing more and more relating to information regarding the new MacBook Apple released last week. This time it is the benchmark of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It got a boost of 10% and 15% over previous models that was presented by the company, but more interesting is that the same percentage […]

Windows 8 will improve playback of movies and music

Technology giant revealed on its blog Building Windows 8 things that they are doing to improve the capacity of audio and video in the new Microsoft operating system. publication written by Scott Manchester, Manager Media Platform and Technologies, explains the series of steps being taken by the group of developers of the company to give users […]

Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition: With improvements in cooling

Sapphire has presented the expected card called Vapor-X of the Radeon HD 7770, that will be called Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition and as you can see in the picture is much improved in terms of cooling also has an interesting factory overclock to increase its performance. Traditionally Vapor-X graphic card series  from Sapphire provide very […]

Rumor: AMD Radeon HD 7990 arriving in the middle of next month

Many rumors coincide that AMD would launch its new video dual-GPU vide card the Radeon HD 7990 “New Zealand” in April this year, obviously in the end these rumors did not materialize. For Xtreview has reported that AMD finally has released its long-awaited dual-GPU next month. AMD apparently plans to take advantage of improvements in […]

Apple: Updates to iOS 5.1.1

Apple has released its iOS 5.1.1 update for now it is ready for download to all users through iTunes or through the Software Update / Over the Air for iOS devices from Apple. the iOS 5.1.1 update contains improvements related to the solution of the HDR bug as the problems users had with the connectivity of the new iPad 3G and 2G, AirPlay arrangements, among others. If you want a complete list of the changes introduced by Apple in iOS 5.1.1, as the Cupertino company has, here I present: Improves […]

Mozilla Firefox 12 Final Release available

Although the updater still does not give notice of the new version and the official download site still offers the version 11, Mozilla has already uploaded to its ftp servers,  the latest version of its web browser Mozilla Firefox 12, a preliminary step before the official launch of the latest version of the browser. Among the […]