PowerColor shows image of a mysterious new video card

A few hours ago, PowerColor a manufacturer of video card based GPUs from AMD, via Facebook has uploaded this mysterious image of a video card with triple-slot design which its exact model has yet not been revealed. The image has attracted many comments and rumors, some speculate that it is a customized model of the […]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 690: Possible Dual graphic card image of the Kepler

Kepler Architecture from Nvidia has placed the GTX 680 graphics card as the best option today for gamers, but just barely ahead of the Radeon HD 7970 from AMD. The dual-GPU solution from Nvidia, the GeForce GTX 690, in theory should arrive before the 5th of May, but has appeared in what is supposedly the […]

The S110 Lenovo netbook is getting released

The new Intel Atom was released yesterday and has not taken long to find accommodation. And don’t forget to expect a flurry of new netbooks released in the next few weeks that promise that now they can be your friends and not forget them. The Lenovo IdeaPad S110 has not been officially announced but have […]

How to prevent others from stealing your content and give them a good scare

One of the problems that we often find in the world of blogs is that many people will steal your content without giving you a link back to your site not only is it a unwritten law that you should mention the author and acknowledge the amount of time that author has taken to write […]

Know whether an image has been Photoshoped or not

Today, though we be the first ones we turn to Photoshop to make portraits, landscapes or any images that will leave us better looking than before after we have take a photo with our camera, the truth is that there is no denying that we live in a world distorted by the retouching of images, […]