Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Multi Platform Headset Review

This week I have spending some time testing the Tritton 720+ 7.1 surround headset from Tritton, a multi format gaming headset with support for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 aimed at the enthusiast gaming market. There is some stiff competition in the gaming headset market, but Tritton have gone all out on the feature […]

The latest mobile related releases of 2012

In just a few months over the year 2012. However, we can already say that it was lived not in vain. This year in the computer world, set forth a series of important and interesting events, some of which we’ll tell you. Earlier, in 2011, the whole computer world was talking about the Intel processors, […]

G.Skill Phoenix III: SSDs with SF-2281 controller

G.Skill has announced its SSD G.Skill Phoenix III, presenting an SSD with an SandForce SF-2281 Controller and 120GB capacities and 240GB . They are models that are aimed at users who want good SSD performance. The company G.Skill is known worldwide for its high performance RAM kits, which have been used to break so many overclock […]

Ivy Bridge-E supports PCI-E 3.0

When Sandy Bridge-E first arrived support for PCI Express Generation 3 was not certified or listed. Nvidia later released a patch to allow X79 systems to support PCI Express 3.0 as they were hardware ready. It also didn’t help that Sandy Bridge-E turned up largely well before the first PCI Express 3.0 graphics cards arrived. […]

Nvidia back “Miracast” open wireless display standard

Miracast is an open standard for the wireless broadcasting of video signals, much like Apple’s AirPlay and Intel’s WiDi except not having the pitfalls of being a closed proprietary standard. Nvidia is the latest company to back the Miracast open standard which is set to go very far in the market as mobile devices grow […]

MSI entering SSD market with Sandforce

MSI are better known for their motherboards, graphics cards and gaming notebooks, but they also dabble in cases too. Now it seems they are looking to expand their portfolio even more and move into the SSD storage market. According to LSI-Sandforce corporation, MSI’s latest venture will be SSDs backed by their controllers. On their website […]

Tritton Detonator Xbox 360 Headset Review

Tritton have been having great success with their range of console peripherals, with what has so far been a great history for the company since they setup shop back in 2000, where they have made a name for them selves with gaming headsets and USB External Video Card Technology, this helped get the attention of […]

Super Flower introduce 650W PSU with Avionics-Grade contacts

Super Flower has launched a new high performance semi-modular power supply unit. Featuring 650W of continuous power and 750W of peak output the the SF-650P14XE packs a huge range of features such as: Power Factor Correction (PFC) Load Line Calibration (LLC) Half bridge resonant topology DC to DC output Synchronous rectification 80 PLUS Gold certification (up […]

NZXT Unveils Aperture M Advanced Media Reader with Mesh Design

NZXT is proud to announce the Aperture M. Part of NZXT’s newly crowned Aperture series, Aperture M is a 5.25″ mesh reader supporting nearly every media card in the market including SDXC along with support for USB 3.0. Aperture M’s stealthy mesh exterior continues in NZXT’s tradition of seamlessly blending advanced functionality with minimalistic design. […]