Google buys startup Launchpad Toys, offers children’s apps for free

Google has acquired the startup Launchpad Toys, specializing in creative tools for children and are the developers of popular mobile applications TeleStory and Toontastic, which from now can be downloaded absolutely free! Toontastic for iOS allows children to create drawings and animations, and then be shared with others around the world. TeleStory for iOS is […]

Steve Jobs “ring leader” in anti-poaching case

Recently a judged proclaimed that a $324.5M settlement in an anti-poaching case that brought into the limelight a nasty scheme by Apple and Google to not hire each other workers. The ring leader was none other than Steve Jobs who was known to be very over protective. The plan was that Apple and Google would block their high end […]

G-SKILL to support DDR4 and DDR3 models at 3 GHz

Last Day of presentations at IDF13 was dedicated to memory for high end Intel platforms. This time G-Skill shows off its new DDR4 modules, after which Kingston did the same earlier, besides giving us another sample of his new optimized memory for Ivy Bridge E at 3000 MHz. Along with the star of the day, […]

The Google Star Trek computer may soon become a reality

Google has a new obsession its a bit of an odd one, its Star Trek more importantly they want to create a new Star Trek computer, the Google obsession started back in 2010 when company developers began laying out the details that includes visual search as well as speech recognition components. Google’s transformation into the […]

Google Nexus 10 Release date and rumors

We first heard about the possible existence of the Google Nexus 10 in July, shortly after the Nexus 7 was released, and rumours have developed from there over the past few months. Google has an event scheduled for October 29 in New York where it’s expected to unveil the next Nexus smartphone plus it could also announce some new […]

Nexus 7 soon to be available in 32GB versions

Google’s flagship Nexus 7 tablet has so far only been released in 8GB and 16GB versions, but that could soon change. A series of recent leaks all point to the same thing: a 32GB Nexus 7. First, a snapshot on Thursday of an inventory screen from U.K.-based Carphone Warehouse listed the Asus-made Nexus 7 tablet in a 32GB […]

How to Copy files to Google Drive faster

Google Drive is today one of the alternative ways for storing documents in the cloud is one of the most complete and easy to use. While Google engineers have proved good to their work to provide us with options users comfortable to use, there are still missing some small details that could improve user experience […]

Rumours of a $99 Nexus tablet materialise – is the tablet market ready for a shake up?

Google’s $ 199 (in the US at least) Nexus 7 tablet that ASUS built for them, is not only a seriously awesome piece of technology, but it’s cheap, fast, reliable, and sports the latest and greatest mobile operating system from the Mountain View-based company, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now we’re hearing rumors from DigiTimes that […]

Microsoft avoided paying 4.5 Bilion dollars in taxes in the U.S.

The technology company transferred its profits to other countries with a favorable tax. The U.S. tax system is a loophole. And that allowed Microsoft between 2009 and 2011 to avoid payments of 4.5 billion dollars (3,400 million euros) in taxes. The got to expatriate the equivalent to 21 billion(16,200 million euros) in sales, according to […]

Sunrise: How to turn your calendar into a daily newsletter

There is no denying the usefulness of calendar applications, which have largely replaced the similar schedule as the primary organizational tool, thanks to the convenience of being in the cloud and being available at a touch away on your smartphone. However, there is no Internet tool used more than that of emails. It is a […]