AMD announced its embedded product roadmap 2014: x86 and ARM SoC designs, and GCN GPUs

During this week, the IDF 2013 focus was on Intel whom unveiled its new product line looking at the transition to mobiles. However, also AMD is looking to make headlines with its embedded product roadmap for 2014, a market that is gaining interest by the major players in semiconductors. Of the most remarkable, it may […]

AMD: Official launch of the APU Brazos 2.0

AMD has officially launched the new line of E-Series APU of which we learned you about their characteristics 3 weeks ago, the platform is not big news regarding previous E-Series and mainly consists of an increase in the frequencies of both the CPU and the GPU , but reducing consumption by a bit and bringing […]

Sapphire displays fanless HD 7770 Ultimate at Computex 2012

We saw the HD 7750 Ultimate from Sapphire back in February. The Ultimate series from Sapphire features totally fanless graphics card using passive cooling solutions. We expect the HD 7770 version took a few months more than the HD 7750 version due to the fact it has a greater amount of heat to¬†dissipate¬†and therefore requires […]

The AMD Radeon HD 7000 are listed in the Catalyst 8.91

Previous leaks of AMD graphics drivers left it quite clear that the new generation of GPUs the company will use the name HD 7000, but the leakage produced Catalyst 8.91 has been such that it deserves to be seen in detail. The filtered list includes both code names and distinctive series, ranging from the “AMD […]