GeForce GTX 650 Ti: Its final specifications Unveiled

The Nvidia GTX 660 series will have a new member starting tomorrow, as the launch is expected on the 9th of October of the GeForce GTX 650 Ti. The latest information on this graphics card says it would have 576 CUDA Cores, but we now know that the core GK 106 that incorporates this card […]

Barnes & Noble challenges Apple and Amazon with new Nook HD ‘tablet’

Barnes & Noble Inc has presented on Wednesday a high definition ‘tablet’, lighter and thinner and can allow multiple users in an attempt to gain a larger share of the competitive market. The devices are priced ranging from $199 for the Nook 7-inch HD ‘tablet’ with 8 gigabytes of memory, up to $299 for the […]

Stroke victim sends email via Kinect interface

The blogger Chad Ruble has created an innovative gesture-driven interface for his mother with aphasia, using accessory Microsoft’s Kinect to help send simple emails. Written in a blog post, Ruble explains how her mother, Lindy, has had difficulty reading and writing since suffering a stroke twelve years ago – wanting to help close the “Keyboard […]

Amazon announces four new models of its Kindle Fire tablet

The devices are available in two sizes: 7 and 8.9 inches. One of them has 4G connectivity via LTE, for which Amazon will sell its own data plan. When we began to speculate on the Amazon presentation today, the most optimistic talk was of two new models of the Kindle Fire. But Jeff Bezos and […]

ASRock confident of achieving 2012 target of 9 million motherboards

ASRock’s COO¬†Hsu Lung-luen today revealed that ASRock are very confident that they will meet their own target of shipping 9 million motherboards for 2012. This comes after last years figures where they only shipped 7.8 million, below the same 9 million target. So far ASRock has shipped 3.7 million boards, 2 million in Q1 and […]

Barnes & Noble introduces a new Nook, now with Glowlight

The world of e-readers does not take a break, with two high quality competitors, B & W with the Nook and the Amazon Kindle, occasionally pulling sporatic advantages as soon the other responds with something of equal quality. I recently saw the next generation Kindle, yet it is now Barnes & Noble who took the […]