The No 1 iPhone game SLENDR is now also available for Android

On November 2nd Apprope proudly released an Android version of its extremely popular horror survival game SLENDR. The app was first released last Thursday for iPhone and quickly became the most downloaded game in the US AppStore.

On November 2nd Apprope proudly releases an Android version of its extremely popular horror survival game SLENDR. The app was first released last Thursday for iPhone. Within a couple of days the app skyrocket and became the top 10 most downloaded app in the US, Australia, Canada, and several Western European countries.

SLENDR has been especially popular in the US market. Since Sunday the 28th of October SLENDR is the most downloaded iPhone game in the US AppStore, one of the world’s largest app markets.

The Android version is free to try and available in Google Play. Unlocking the app and remove the ads costs $ 0.99.

SLENDR is inspired by one of the most terrifying legend of all time: the Slender Man myth. In this game, that will literally keep game players’ hearts racing, players must get out of their seats and run from a tall, faceless ghost that hunts and kills people wandering the woods. Along the way, they must collect evidence about the myth as well as useful survival gear. Through its unique design and gameplay, SLENDR takes a new approach to “virtual reality”. A player’s every movement affects what appears on the screen, which creates the illusion of actually being hunted by the deadly ghost.

SLENDR is available for Android devices and can be downloaded for free from Google Play right now:


DeRail’s latest game finally steps out of the Shadows on December 6th! Demo and pre order available.

DeRail Game’s multiple award-winning title Shadow of the Game is now available for pre order exclusively on Gamersgate. The game hits the digital shelves on December 6th. The game will be released as a standalone game and will include a special bonus. It will not be in episode format; the whole game will be released at once. Shadow of the Game is a multiple award-winning roleplaying title with a strong focus on interactive storytelling. The game is like an interactive visual novel that explores the boundaries between online identities and real-life identities.

One of the strongest guilds in a fictive MMORPG is embarking on the last expansion’s final raid to become the highest ranking guild in game. The event is so tremendous that even the MMO’s lead developers at Gizzard are watching the raid on live-stream. Things start to slowly fall apart when the guild’s outcast “Cookie” makes his return sporting an illegal race and bringing power-grinded companions. Friendships are put to the test, internships are on the line, and the gamers are forced to take action in the “real world”.

Shadow of the Game is an experimental title with 12-18 hours of multi-branching story which is spiced up with dialogue options, story contextual puzzles, references to popular culture, and tons of mysteries. The story and its features are the gameplay in this game. It is a niche title which aims to not only entertain, but to provoke and to bend your mind with its hidden mysteries. There are always hints to the story whether you are clicking through a cut-scene, walking around chatting with people, or solving puzzles. Everything is connected, even though it might not seem to be at first.

Shadow of the Game is developed by DeRail games for online distribution. Several distribution sites are already confirmed, but the developer is still interested in new business agreements and opportunities. DeRail Games is publishing Shadow of the Game itself. The game includes the original soundtrack with a free-to-use license, as well as rich collection of art assets.

Pre order Shadow of the Game here:

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Steam for Linux to see a 1,000-person limited beta in October

Steam for Linux to see a 1,000 person limited beta in October

Valve announced Steam for Linux not too long ago, where they told the world that they were experiencing better frame rate results under the open-source OS compared to Windows, in Left 4 Dead 2 on OpenGL. This was impressive, but the public haven’t seen much since.

Now the company is teasing that there will be an internal beta of Steam for Linux sometime next week, after which we’ll see an external beta open up to 1,000 lucky gamers sometime next month, if all goes to plan. Valve’s private external beta will include support for Ubuntu 12.04 and above, and will include access to just a single game – most likely the company’s Left 4 Dead 2.

Over the next coming of weeks, Valve will open up a sign-up page for the external beta, where participants will be selected based on their PC configuration so that the company can test a wide variety of hardware.

This is an interesting step for the company, as it would provide the ground work to their own platform – Steam Box, the rumored system that has been getting lots of fan fare, but the company has constantly denied it. We know they’re working on wearable computing, so imagine a world where 2013 includes a Linux-powered Steam Box being announced, at the same time as a completely next-gen wearable computing device from Valve,  and Half-Life 3.

Ok, probably don’t imagine that, because you might get your hopes up – I just did.


Command & Conquer free to play RTS game on the way

Command & Conquer free to play RTS game on the way

EA and BioWare Victory have announced that the Command & Conquer Generals 2 game will be converted into a free to play RTS called simply “Command & Conquer”. In recent years enthusiasm in C&C has died down a fair amount as the newer releases increasingly disillusioned the C&C fans.

The lackluster fourth installment that tried to implement many changes to the core recipe pretty much hammered the last nail in. Fortunately for C&C fans, a brand new instalment, Command & Conquer Generals 2 was confirmed last year and it seemed that the new BioWare Victory studio was going back to the franchise’s roots.

Now, however, things have completely changed, as EA has confirmed that Generals 2 is being transformed into a free-to-play RTS experience called simply Command & Conquer.

“We are thrilled about this opportunity to transform Command and Conquer into a premier online experience,” said Jon Van Caneghem, VP/GM at EA. “For nearly two decades, this franchise has existed as something you buy; now we are creating a destination where our fans will be able to access the entire Command and Conquer universe, starting with Generals and continuing with Red Alert, Tiberium, and beyond. With Frostbite 2, we are able to keep an emphasis on the AAA quality our consumers expect while staying true to the RTS gameplay they know and love – all available online for free.”

Why is this free?
As we talked with more strategy fans, we found major interest in a free-to-play game, as long as it maintained authenticity to the franchise and exceeded expectations for a modern AAA RTS. So we decided to take Generals 2 in an exciting new direction as EA.s first HD, free online game . Command & Conquer. The Generals 2 universe is the first of many free offerings that we will deliver with Command & Conquer.

Will it still use Frostbite?
Yes, Command & Conquer is powered by Frostbite 2 . the powerful engine you may know from Battlefield 3. You will be able to experience the cutting edge visuals, sound and destruction of a full AAA frontline franchise for free.

Is this a browser game? Is this a social or Facebook game?
No, Command & Conquer is a full standalone client . a high quality game powered by Frostbite 2.

What happens to Generals 2?
The Generals 2 universe will be the first of many free offerings that we will deliver with Command & Conquer. The content that we have already created will be part of this new free-to-play experience.

Will there be a traditional single player campaign?
Not at launch. We are currently focused on building a fun, high quality RTS experience that we want to get in your hands on as soon as possible. From there, we will continuously evaluate additional content based on a variety of player feedback methods

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Crysis 3 graphics will “melt down PCs” says Crytek

Crysis 3 graphics will melt down PCs says Crytek

According to the boss of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, Crysis will be returning to its GPU-eating roots with the fourth instalment.

Crysis 3 will be more similar Crysis 1 than Crysis 2 or Warhead in the sense that it will be a graphically demanding game. Crysis 3 will push gaming rigs to their limit like Crysis 1 did, not like Crysis 2 which was a relatively dumbed down version of the CryEngine designed to help Crytek capture some of the console market too.

The “But can it run Crysis?” joke looks set for a resurgence with Crysis 3.

“That joke will be resurrected again with Crysis 3, I’m quite sure about that,” Yerli said during an EA livestream. “There are brutal expectations around the PC version of Crysis 3. So this time we promise to melt down PCs.”

Crytek recently revealed a video showing how Crysis 3 will push the CryEngine to even more visually-impressive heights.

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Yerli reiterated that the PC version of Crysis 3 will “look fantastic” despite the compromises inherent in simultaneously developing the game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Crysis 3 launches in February next year.


AMD Radeon HD 7950: Will be updated to compete with the GTX 660 Ti

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Has updated its frequency of its GPU and has added support for PowerTune Boost technology.

AMD has released a BIOS to improve the performance of the AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphics card, among other things for the expected GTX 660 Ti, which if all goes as planned will be released tomorrow, but it will not be so easy to outperform the HD 7950.  As far as AMD is concerned they have released a BIOS upgrade that increases the frequency of the GPU to 850MHz, compared to 800Mhz which is standard and also increased its PowerTune Boost technology, in which the GPU can reach 925MHz.

The AMD Radeon HD 7000 series has not stop upgrading, because just a few months ago they came out with the AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition, which is the most powerful monoGPU graphics card on the market, now its the HD 7950 that has received a small update as a BIOS.  We say small because it is just that, a new BIOS, there isn’t  a change in graphics core as the HD 7970 in its Ghz Edition.

been a while since we heard anything from the AMD Radeon HD 7950 Ghz Edition, which will come with the graphics core Tahiti Pro 2 and will have a core frequency of 1GHz. Maybe AMD just did not want to release it, preferring to make a small BIOS update to improve the HD 7950, in any case it could surprise us and release it eventually.

Recently the small Radeon HD 7750 has also received a BIOS update, which increases its frequency in the GPU from 800MHz to 900MHz. Now is the turn of the HD 7950, and thanks to this update, the GPU will now function from 800Mhz up to 850Mhz the update also adds support for PowerTune Boost technology, which will make the GPU reaches 925MHz.

Early performance data with the new HD 7950 BIOS, note that the performance increases are between 2% and 20% depending on the game that it was tested, so it is a significant increase in this case.

There are no more changes, all other specifications remain the same, the memory is running at 5.000Mhz effective. The AMD Radeon HD 7950 that are manufactured from the middle of this month will have the new BIOS installed as standard. AMD will offer manufacturers the BIOS update for their respective models of HD 7950, so stay tuned.

If on the contrary you are familiar with the latest BIOS for graphics cards, we leave you with the link to download it, but its under your responsibility and exclusively for the reference models.

Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers PC Review

Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers PC Review

This week I have been spending some time, well a lot of time, with the latest game from Wizards of the Coast, the people behind the ever popular card based gaming phenomenon Magic The Gathering.  Magic has been around now since 1993, taking on millions of players world wide, international tournaments which have seen around 30 million dollars in prize money handed out so far and it has also seen many of my friends dishing out large sums of money on some of its more rare cards.

Magic The Gathering is said to be highly addictive, once you start there seems to be no end to how much money you can spend on building a good collection, but fortunately for me and now for many people, non of that is an issue with Duels of the Planeswalkers, because now its all digital and you only have to buy the game to get a large amount of the Magic experience.

Unfortunately I’m a complete beginner when it comes to Magic The Gathering, I’ve always been intimidated by the complex rules of the series, so for those of you who are fans of the game, I’m sorry if I get some of the related terms wrong, but we all have to start somewhere with this game and Duels of the Planeswalkers is where I begin.

iPhone 5 to use a quad-core A6 chip?

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Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV : Laptop Specification, Features & Price Rate

At this point, although it has not been confirmed that the new iPhone will be present in October, as we know Apple plans to launch a phone per year and there are not too many options so the rumors that appear we can begin to consider. Which the most recent rumor now refers to the new chip that the device will have: A6 quad-core .

The latest device from Apple in to receive a chip update was the iPhone 4S, which came with the A5. For those who do not remember, this is a dual-core 800MHz with spectacular graphics power for an ideal way to handle the games, photos and video processing. The third-generation iPad received the A5X that while it was not updated a lot, had some minor changes to handle the Retina display.

Tegra 3 opened the game to quad-core chipsets and more and more devices will start to integrate them, as it can not be otherwise. It is a matter of following the herd. We know that Apple tries to move away from that, conversely, they try to lead the pack and others to follow them. The issue is that it is a matter of necessity. Obviously the hardware device must be better integrated, better processing speed, improve graphics and, for that, there is nothing better than to migrate to the quad-core.

It is clear what DigiTimes has reported is not confirmed by Apple, but hey, if its not quad-core technology its something yet unknown. For Apple to continue with a dual-core as the previous phones would put Apple in a precarious position and would lost against other companies and we know that Cook would not want that.

Free-to-play PC Gaming Guide

Over the last month I have been trying out and as many free-to-play games as I can and I’ve even reviewed a few, I’ve done all this in an effort to show you which games I think are the best ones currently available to play today on your PC.

There are countless offerings available these days, everthing from massive MMO’s, First Person Shooters, Driving games and Simulators, what ever your gaming preference there is no doubt a game out there that will let you do it for free. My aim is to see how much fun and gameplay you can actually get, without ever spending any cash. Obviously these games need to make money and there are so many different methods that these games employ to achieve that goal, some offer paid DLC add on packs, micro transactions or even premium memberships to tempt you into spending your hard earned cash, but only if you really want to.

What I will be looking at is the core gameplay and content that is available for free, I’ve spent at least a few hours playing each title to get to grips with what it has to offer, picking my top choices along the way and even taking a quick look at a few of the free-to-play games you can expect to see released later this year.

If you want to find out what I think are the best free-to-play games available, then feel free to check out the next few pages.

Online Game Publisher WEBZEN Announces C9 Tournament Winners

Celebrating a successful return to E3, WEBZEN Inc., a global publisher of online games, can now announce the winners of its Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) tournament. At an event held on Wednesday, June 6, two teams – North American “Gears Executor” and European “Pony Club” – went head to head for C9 supremacy and a $ 10,000 grand prize. After a skilled and heated battle, “Gears Executor” bested “Pony Club” to claim the championship title, cash reward and international bragging rights.

“Competing in and winning the first global C9 championship tournament at one of the world’s biggest interactive entertainment shows is a dream come true,” said Dahan Choi, team leader of “Gears Executor.” “We appreciate WEBZEN inviting us to be part of this awesome event at E3, and I speak for my whole team when I say that we’re looking forward to defending our title at future C9 tournaments.”

In addition to the tournament, WEBZEN live streamed the entire event for fans to catch the action online, and also showcased upcoming online first-person shooter (FPS) game Arctic Combat, unveiling two brand new trailers and handing out special edition dog tag beta keys for the Taskforce 613 beta test group.

“We were thrilled to offer gamers around the world a chance to watch the event via live stream, and it was fantastic to feed off their energy throughout the tournament,” said Jihun Lee, head of global publishing. “We hope that the event piqued interest in players for the upcoming North American launches of C9 and Arctic Combat later this year.”

More information on the WEBZEN E3 event and C9 championship tournament can be found at, and the official C9 website