MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 (A85X) Motherboard Review

Today sees the official launch for AMD’s new APU platform named Virgo. It doesn’t just include a whole stack of new APU processors, but also sees a release of some new motherboards, featuring the FM2 socket and of course a variety of new chipsets. The flagship chipset for the FM2 platform is the A85X chip […]

The Samsung Galaxy S III can now be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean

For a few hours, a good part of the Galaxy S III users in European countries such as Poland and Croatia can now update their phones to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest version of the most widely used mobile operating system in the world and was presented by Google in the past Google I/O […]

Thrustmaster F1 Wireless PC Gamepad Ferrari 150th Italia Alonso Edition Review

Today we are taking a look at the F1 Wireless Ferrari 150th Italia  controller, Alonso Editon from Thrustmaster, a PC and Playstation 3 compatible analogue controller with a few twists in both style and functionality that certainly stands out from the standard controllers we generally see on the market. Thrustmaster have been making gaming peripherals […]

MSI Big Bang XPower II (X79) Motherboard Review

With Intel releasing the X79 and Z77 chipsets quite some time ago now, we’ve seen a small amount of new motherboards hitting the market, therefore not finding many reviews of new boards here. You will however find an influx of top-selling boards that were released at the time of launch, which have made it to […]

NZXT Unveils Aperture M Advanced Media Reader with Mesh Design

NZXT is proud to announce the Aperture M. Part of NZXT’s newly crowned Aperture series, Aperture M is a 5.25″ mesh reader supporting nearly every media card in the market including SDXC along with support for USB 3.0. Aperture M’s stealthy mesh exterior continues in NZXT’s tradition of seamlessly blending advanced functionality with minimalistic design. […]

Deal of the Day – 3TB Freecom External Hard Drive

Keeping your data backed up is vital these days, hard drives fail, things get lost, deleted, you name it, it never hurts to have a spare copy, not to mention some of us just can’t get through the day without knowing we have 3TB of music and photos in our bag, no wonder then why […]

Crest: Different Tweets for different users

If you are users (like me) who are bored of the classic applications that let you read your timeline, view profiles, check your private messages and view your replies on Twitter, Crest is the application for the iPad that will change the way you interact with this network. Crest is an app that has been commissioned to put aside the typical client interfaces for Twitter. It consists of small icons (our avatars) that as a client, will open the full profile of that user. You can […]

Adobe Reader Alternatives

Before I forget, I thought I mention a couple of small programs that will make your PDF-viewing experience a little more enjoyable. It is no secret that with each release of Acrobat reader (now known as Adobe Reader), the program becomes larger is size and slower to boot. I am not a big fan of […]

You can now enjoy your favorite social games from your mobile with Zynga Express

As a good Cityville addict, I went on vacation thinking about what would happen to my city in my absence, only to realize that I could continue managing it from my mobile phone. Its because Zynga, the social gaming giant, introduced a mobile platform to access a range of functions of several of its most […]