Razer Blade is renewed with a Core i7 quadcore and gamer power

last February came to market a laptop promised to be a sensation in the world of gaming, a promise that has been fulfilled as its sales went sky high. This is the Razer Blade, a laptop that was introduced by its spectacular creators of accessories and components for computers, mostly dedicated to video games. Well […]

Samsung unveiles the Galaxy Note II

The South Korean company unveiled the revamped version of its hybrid between tablet and smartphone, with a design similar to Galaxy S III The Samsung Galaxy Note II comes a year after the first model, with completely redesigned: bigger screen (5.5”) and an improved S Pen. The layout resembles the Galaxy SIII. In fact, it […]

GeForce GTX 660 Ti: We now know the first models and prices

There is just a few days to go for the GeForce GTX 660 Ti to be announced officially. Today we are going to discover about 20 models being prepared by different builders, with prices that will range from $299 to $429, plus the version with 2 GB memory, some manufacturers such as Inno3D or Galaxy are […]

Acer launches its first tablet Tab A700 with FullHD resolution and Tegra 3

If we go back in time six months ago when Android tablets could be considered a luxury, we realize that today with the announcement of the NVIDIA KAI platform the tablets can finally be deemed as accessible devices for most consumers, however, if the price is not a problem for our pockets, perhaps, it is […]

HP introduces the first notebook based on Brazos 2.0

Few weeks ago we’ve learned of specifications of the new Brazos 2.0 APU based on the veteran Zacate core, and we knew that soon they would go on sale the new system dominated by this APU. We also learned on the 20th regarding the launch of the first computer based on these new APU and that […]

Comparison of prices for the Radeon HD 7970, HD 7950 and GTX 680

First came the Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950 , these two cards from AMD, with architecture-based on Graphics Core Next at 28 nm, arrived in January. Months later, came the first card belonging to the  Nvidia series the GTX 600, GTX 680 , the first of Nvidia graphics card that incorporate the core GK104, […]

GeForce GTX 670: Learn about the different models currently available

Yesterday we learned about the launch of the graphics card from NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX 670, the second monoGPU card which is based on the architecture Kepler from Nvidia and manufactured in 28nm. Today we are going to discuss the models that different manufacturers have been presented, since the GeForce GTX 670 comes in quite a […]

PowerColor its own Radeon HD 7750 Go! Green with passive heat sink

The first model we saw of the HD 7750 with passive heat sink was Sapphire, but this time playing the second fiddle is also the Radeon HD 7750 from PowerColor as part of its line of Go! Green cards. The card comes with reference frequencies and as is typical of this family of cards Go! […]