The map apps in the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 beats Apple

Nokia has made a comparison between mapping services of its new Lumia 920 with those available in other two smartphones that are more competitive on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple Maps application is the worst of all in this comparative information for not offering public transportation […]

Nokia reveals that Windows Phone will reach Instagram

When Nokia unveiled the ‘lens’ of Windows Phone 8 last week, many thought it was perfect for something like Instagram. It seems that the prophecy was fulfilled. In a promotional video for their upcoming ‘flagship’, the Finnish company hinted at the existence of an application of the famous photo service for Windows Phone: With this, […]

How does wireless battery charging work ?

The release of the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 brought a surprise that the technology industry had up their sleeve: the replacement of classic chargers for a new wireless system. Even the Finnish company revealed novel accessories In 2010 the Qi standard was approved for wireless electric charging. Directed by the Wireless Power Consortium, composed […]

Nokia and Microsoft unveil the new Lumia phone with Windows Phone 8

Nokia and Microsoft unveiled in New York the latest Lumia smartphone, the first from the Finnish company to incorporate the operating system Windows Phone 8 and has among other features a wireless charging system. “This is the Lumia, and it’s time to change,” he told a packed press conference in the Big Apple President and […]

Nokia set announce next month WP8 devices

One of the biggest bets made by ??Nokia in recent times is the deal with Microsoft. The time to start thinking about Windows Phone devices 8 is closer and now has began to spread that the Finnish company will launch its first devices with the new OS next month. A source of Bloomberg, who usually […]

Smartphones are destroying the camera market

Smart phones increasingly incorporate more powerful specifications. One of the tools that has improved in recent times is that cameras are being built, this is one of the most attractive features when thinking about having a phone. However, this continuous improvement is making the digtal camera market smaller. Data from a study point in the […]