Prevent Your Facebook Account Getting Disabled

Facebook is the number one used social website around the website. Apart from its many happy users, many have issues mostly about getting their accounts getting disabled. Its very important to know that what should be done in-order to avoid your account getting disabled, because you might be doing something unknowingly which could lead to […]

Avexir Core Series DDR3 2400MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

The market has seen quite a large push in the memory sector as of late, as consumers demand larger capacity kits with faster speeds, for as little money as possible. Add into the mix the addition of Z77 and the broad spectrum that the platform is aimed at, and you’ll see why this sudden influx […]

Facebook passes a Billion users, and 600 Million mobile users

Over a billion people are now using Facebook on a regular basis, with over 600 million of them using mobiles to do so. To celebrate, the company has released the following video: Click here to view the embedded video. The now familiar ‘like’ action has proven popular, with Facebook reporting 1.13 trillion Likes and counting, […]

Sunrise: How to turn your calendar into a daily newsletter

There is no denying the usefulness of calendar applications, which have largely replaced the similar schedule as the primary organizational tool, thanks to the convenience of being in the cloud and being available at a touch away on your smartphone. However, there is no Internet tool used more than that of emails. It is a […]

Photoshop Touch for iOS and Android gets updated with interesting improvements

Photoshop Touch, is the popular Adobe design editor mobile application designed specifically for tablets, which just received a major update in the latest 1.3 version and brought interesting improvements for both iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with this application, I commented that users will have the ability to create layered images, edit their images […]

Nokia reveals that Windows Phone will reach Instagram

When Nokia unveiled the ‘lens’ of Windows Phone 8 last week, many thought it was perfect for something like Instagram. It seems that the prophecy was fulfilled. In a promotional video for their upcoming ‘flagship’, the Finnish company hinted at the existence of an application of the famous photo service for Windows Phone: With this, […]

Google Nexus 7 to arrive in Europe on September the 3rd

Google’s Nexus 7 has been selling like Wildfire in North America and the UK for a few months now. Retail leaks suggest that Europe will finally get a piece of the Nexus 7 action from September the 3rd. “The first leak came from France, along with a largely expected retail price of €249.90. France’s […]

Facebook finally deleting photos

For who-knows-how-long Facebook have been keeping deleted photos in its content network long after the user has requested that they be deleted. Yes the photos may not appear on your timeline or profile but chances are they still exist somewhere on Facebook. ARS Technica have been following this story closely for 3 years and they […]