SimCity reboot to be released on March 5 in the US, March 8 in Europe

I was a huge fan of SimCity 2000 growing up, I remember my high school was one of the first in the state to receive computers and they were fast enough to run SimCity. They were Pentium 75′s, with 17-inch CRTs. Super expensive, but it was so amazing to play SimCity 2000. Well, the SimCity […]

Nvidia 650 Ti’s European pricing spotted

A handful of GTX 650 Ti graphics cards already listed in Europe with the lowest price set at €139,56. The cheapest one comes from Gigabyte and it is an OC version. Most of these GTX 650 Ti graphics cards are currently listed only in Austria and as we wrote earlier, the final price is not carved in stone and it is […]

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary World Series Tournament Europe

As part of its year-long celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter series Capcom is pleased to confirm the first ever official European fighting games tournament featuring solely titles from this iconic series. Taking place during Paris Games Week (October 31-November 4), The European Masters will provide a stage for the best […]

Google Nexus 7 to arrive in Europe on September the 3rd

Google’s Nexus 7 has been selling like Wildfire in North America and the UK for a few months now. Retail leaks suggest that Europe will finally get a piece of the Nexus 7 action from September the 3rd. “The first leak came from France, along with a largely expected retail price of €249.90. France’s […]

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310: Keyboard that can be washed

Logitech unveils the latest in its line of keyboards for PC, the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310. From a thin layer of dust to a splash in the sink, this keyboard is as easy to clean as it is drying. Also designed for a comfortable typing experience with a familiar design and a sleek, slim profile. The […]

Auto Club Revolution Free-to-Play PC Review

This last few weeks I have found my self loosing plenty of time in Auto Club Revolution, a free-to-play online racing title that at least from my perspective seems to have cropped up out of nowhere, coming from the developers at Eutechnyx, who are one of the rare games developers that have been around since […]

Windows 8 Preview users can get $39.99 upgrade to final version

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 7, Vista and XP users with a legitimate license would all be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $ 39.99. Meaning those with cracked copies of Windows or older than XP operating systems wouldn’t be able to access the special offer, and would probably have to pay $ […]

PowerColor Radeon HD 7970 X2 Devil 13 pricing revealed

PowerColor’s HD 7970 X2 will be taking the Devil 13 branding and customizations, as detailed by PowerColor . We have learnt some new details about this upcoming card. The first piece of information suggests the card will utilise a dual HD 7970s at core clock speeds of 1050MHz each, meaning a 125MHz overclock on the reference […]

BitFenix announces its new mini-ITX Prodigy cases

BitFenix which started its activities as a company in 2010 (brought together people from Abit and Cooler Master) has launched its new range of mini-ITX Prodigy cases, which stand out for their well finished design, similar to Apple and some designs that focus on computers of reduced dimensions. Included among the features of these new […]

LG to launch its google tv at the end of this month

LG has made official its smart TV based on Google TV that will come later this month, more precisely during the week of May 21, the announcement was made by Executive Vice President of LG’s television unit, Ro Seogho, who noted : “The Google TV production will begin from May 17 in our factory in Mexico and U.S. consumers will be able to buy the product the week of May 21.” Remember that Google TV will allow us to access various services of the big G through our television, including YouTube. In […]