HTC not afraid to fight Apple

In the wake of Apple’s recent victory against Samsung in their patent dispute HTC has stated it is not afraid of fighting Apple in court should the smartphone giant decide to continue to pursue any claims against HTC. HTC’s chairperson said that the company has no intention of settling with Apple, according to Asia-based reports. […]

Smart TV Alliance: LG and Philips proposed the standardization of applications for Smart TV

That the great success of 2012 was not the famous 3D, but the Smart TV no longer does anyone doubt it. As much as the manufacturers try to endeavor us to going three dimensional, what is clear is that the end user gains a lot more with Smart TV functions of their TV. Proof of […]

Blackberry shows off the start of BB 10 with Dev Alpha

Research In Motion has shown the first results of BlackBerry 10, its next operating platform. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and some samples of what the operating system will offer such as the “Flow” function, a highly intuitive keyboard and a camera that literally “make magic.” The BlackBerry 10 path has been long […]

OWC introduces first bootable PCIe SSD for Mac

A special niche in the mass storage is solid state drives that are connected through PCI-Express, and these devices performance for both data transfer rates as data flow management through the use of an interface is much faster as it is PCIe instead of SATA. Now, the company OWC (Other World Computing) has wanted to […]

Intel wants 5mm HDD’s produced

  Intel has pressed the storage manufactures to churn out thinner devices to go with more and more slimmer Ultrabooks dealt by the various partner ODMs in the ecosystem. Just as HDD and SSD makers have just come up with 7 mm-thick storage devices, Intel delivers a clean list of alterations it likes to see […]