Sharp begin production on 5-inch 1080p screens with 443ppi

Move over, Retina display, there’s a new player in town who wants to stomp all over you. Sharp are said to have begun mass production of 5-inch, 1080p displays late last month. The new displays from Sharp sport a 1080×1920 resolution with an insane 443 pixels per inch (PPI). Comparing this to the competition, the […]

Dell preparing 29 inch 2560 by 1080 display

We’ve seen 2560 by 1600 displays and we’ve also seen 2560 by 1440 displays. However, a 2560 by 1080 display is something we have never seen. According to reports, Dell will be adding a display with that exact resolution to its UltraSharp S series. The Dell U2913WM display with be 29 inches big and is […]

Samsung Transparent displays due in September

The UD22B and NL22B transparent displays were quietly unveiled by Samsung back at InfoComm 2012 earlier this year. Now a few months on we have found out that they are due for retail release in September. “The UD22B is a 1:1 ratio LED square display that includes 21.6-inches of real estate and an ultrathin 5.5mm bezel […]

Samsung working on a display to beat the Retina

As is traditional with Apple, when they have something else no one else does they just love to market the hell out of it. You probably can’t make through a day’s worth of TV without seeing an Apple Retina display advert somewhere. The irony is that Samsung and LG actually manufacturer these Retina displays for […]

Computex12: Sapphire Radeon HD displays its Passive 7750 and 7770 !

For those who detest even the slightest buzzing sound of your graphics card, Sapphire prepares two midrange deals with passive dissipation this is to say they are fanless, it is the Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 and HD 7770 Ultimate Silent Series. Both cards have a large aluminum heatsink and copper heatpipes which serve to dissipate […]

Sapphire displays fanless HD 7770 Ultimate at Computex 2012

We saw the HD 7750 Ultimate from Sapphire back in February. The Ultimate series from Sapphire features totally fanless graphics card using passive cooling solutions. We expect the HD 7770 version took a few months more than the HD 7750 version due to the fact it has a greater amount of heat to dissipate and therefore requires […]

Intel wants computers with retina type screens

The new Apple iPhone has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels on a screen of just 9.7 inches, thanks to its retina display screen and we now know that Intel wants to bring this type of display with high pixel density to laptops and desktops . During the Developer Forum in China, Intel has […]

WordPress: Exclude default categories from the default ‘Categories’ widget

Thanks to a message posted a Web User Forums I found a wordpress hook that caught my attention, as it serves to hide categories from the widget that WordPress displays by default, to display the list of categories on the sidebar. To exclude one or more of the default categories from the “Categories” widget of […]