Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan Review

Computers produce a lot of heat, which is the primary reason why computer enthusiasts spend so much money buying advanced cooling solutions. By cooling your computer down, you actually chuck all that heat out into your room and if you’ve got high end hardware then your computer can raise the room temperature a lot. Arctic […]

GeForce GTX 680 VS AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition

Previously, we posted a comparison that pitted the AMD Radeon HD 7970 against the GeForce GTX 680, but in a benchmark at the resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels. In this case we will show you a comparison to face the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition against GeForce GTX 680, both cards are the […]

Microsoft: Tablets to surpass desktop PCs in 2013 in sales

Its strange that a company that has been for many years focused on developing software for PC speak so strongly about the commercial status of current mobile devices, especially in a tone as positive as what used by Microsoft during the TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, where the vice president of Windows Web Services, Andtoine Leblond […]

WWDC-2012: Apple makes a minor update to its Mac Pro

Dismissing rumors of discontinuation this family of computers for servers and workstations, Apple as we mentioned in this blog this morning, made a silent update to its Mac Pro, which now incorporate 8 processors and 12 cores, although not based on 22nm architecture (Ivy Bridge), but in 32nm processors. These systems did not receive an […]

AMD Radeon HD 7970M: For notebooks

Earlier this year we discussed that the Radeon HD 7000M will be based on the architecture Graphic Core Next that is set to come in the second quarter. And there now is a date for the Radeon HD 7970M , namely the 24th of April. This will enable them to stand up to the Nvidia […]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 690: Some details unveiled

The Kepler Architecture is now available for desktops with the GeForce GTX 680, which is based on the graphics core GK 104 . Nvidia is also working on a graphical model that will equip two GK 104 cores under the same PCB, now known as the GTX 690 and some details were disclosed. Currently Nvidia […]

Eurocom Panther 4.0 Notebook now with Xeon E5-2690 8-core

Eurocom, a known manufacturer of high-end laptops with similar features to those of desktop computers, introduced a few weeks ago to add to their latest creation: the notebook Eurocom Panther 4.0, now announces that they offer the new Intel Xeon E5 microprocessors Series. According to Eurocom the Panther 4.0 notebook PC is powered by the […]