Dell preparing 29 inch 2560 by 1080 display

We’ve seen 2560 by 1600 displays and we’ve also seen 2560 by 1440 displays. However, a 2560 by 1080 display is something we have never seen. According to reports, Dell will be adding a display with that exact resolution to its UltraSharp S series. The Dell U2913WM display with be 29 inches big and is […]

GeForce GTX 660: Launched for the OEM market

Nvidia announced the GeForce GTX 660, but for now is only available to the OEM market. This graphics card features 1152 CUDA Cores, and shares the reference design of the GTX 660 Ti and the GTX 670. The arrival of the retail version is scheduled for next September. The GeForce GTX 660 would be equipped […]

Acer shows signs of recovery in the industry

few months ago, Acer showed very negative sales figures, being displaced from the top in market share by Dell and Lenovo, with the latter showing great success at the expense of Acer. But now, the company revealed positive numbers to hold 10.9% market share over the past three months compared to 10.1% shown the previous […]

AMD Radeon HD 7970M be launched this April 24

As systems have started to appear based on GeForce 600M series (GTX 675m, 660m and 650M) video cards, that escort Ivy Bridge notebooks, AMD also means to be present in the market for notebooks with a discrete GPU that offers high-end technology, this is how they look at the Radeon HD 7970M revealed for months […]