Eurocom announce the extreme performance Scorpius notebook

Ever wanted a notebook so fast that it puts the majority of desktops to shame? Well Eurocom is giving the opportunity to do just that. Based around Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i7 mobile processors on the HM77 (“mobile Z77″) the Eurocom Scorpius boasts an immense amount of performance – whilst also being totally customisable. You […]

EVGA preparing a mini-ITX Z77 motherboard

EVGA has been teasing fans on Facebook with some sneak pictures of the upcoming mini ITX Z77 motherboard. Back in May EVGA’s Product Manager Jacob Freeman announced that EVGA were working on a mini-ITX Z77 motherboard, in response to a consumer query about whether EVGA intended to launch a micro ATX Z77 motherboard. Now it […]

Intel to keep socket LGA 2011 until 2015-2016

Intel tend to shift between socket types quite quickly and consistently, from LGA 1156 to LGA 1155 to LGA 1150 (Haswell, due next Year). Yet reports state LGA 2011 will stick around for the Highest end Intel platforms even if the lower performance sockets keep shifting. LGA 2011 is expected to be maintained through Ivy […]

Samsung shows the first of 16 GB DDR4 memory module

Samsung Electronics has introduced the first memory module with a capacity of 16 GB double data rate-4 (DDR4) designed for use in enterprise servers. Made from a manufacturing process of 30nm, the high density DDR4 module from Samsung consumes about 40% less energy than DDR3-1600 module MHz@1.35V. Samsung will continue to work on the completion […]

Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge: Officially releases two processors for laptops

We knew that processors Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge were about to come out, in fact, Intel said its intention where to release them before the end of the month of June. But so far has done so in some aspects, because they have released two processors Core i3 Ivy Bridge for laptops. The third […]

AMD Radeon HD 7970 vs GeForce GTX 680: Duel at 4096 × 2160 pixels resolution

Interesting comparison that we are going to show you guys today, since we will compare the performance of the AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card and GeForce GTX 680, the current top-end monoGPU graphics cards. To do this both have been tested running at a resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels on a EIZO DuraVision […]

Mountain F11 Ivy: Notebook with 11.6 inch screen

Mountain has extended its range of laptops with model the Mountain F11 Ivy,  a computer equipped with the latest Intel processor Ivy Bridge and also has a screen size of 11.6 inches . Inside lies a Core i7-3610QM processor as for graphics a GeForce GT 650M which is based on the architecture Kepler. I’m sure most […]

ASRock OC Z77 Formula: Designed for overclocking

We have said before that ASRock has taken a major leap in quality for some time now and has very good motherboards currently available. An interesting model of motherboard that has been seen at Computex 2012 is the ASRock Z77 OC Formula, a motherboard designed mainly to the practice of overclocking. The ASRock Z77 OC Formula […]

Corsair Dominator Platinum: DDR3 RAM at 3.000Mhz

The exhibition Computex 2012 is slowly approaching and manufacturers are showing their new artillery, Corsair will aim to display their Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM, which operates at 3.000Mhz speed. RAM that is geared directly targeted for the high and demanding users. At this point we assume that all of you know the family of Corsair Dominator […]

Ivy Bridge: i7 3770K Processor reaches a record high of over 7 GHz

Yesterday we learned that the AMD FX-8150 had again broken its own record, reaching this time 8805.64 MHz but today was Intel’s turn with its third generation of Intel Core Ivy Bridge. Gigabyte has announced a record  that has been beaten with the Intel Core i7 3770K  processor, paired with a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H,that exceeded 7 […]