Rumours of a $99 Nexus tablet materialise – is the tablet market ready for a shake up?

Google’s $ 199 (in the US at least) Nexus 7 tablet that ASUS built for them, is not only a seriously awesome piece of technology, but it’s cheap, fast, reliable, and sports the latest and greatest mobile operating system from the Mountain View-based company, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now we’re hearing rumors from DigiTimes that […]

Seagate has completed the purchase of LaCie

For now its only 64.5%, but hopes to own 95%. The Company Seagate continues its Summer shopping, because we where able to confirm that a few days ago Seagate had bought OCZ for 1,000 million dollars, and now has become to own 64.5% of the hard drive  French manufacturer LaCie. No details were given of […]

Western Digital introduce 2TB 2.5? hard drive

Currently the only large capacity and widely available 2.5″ drives available on the market are 1.5TB hard drives. Now Western Digital is looking to move things forward by offering 2TB hard drives in the 2.5″ form factor. Under the “WD Green” branding, Western Digital’s lowest performance series, the new WD20NPVT drive brings to the table a […]

Intel planning 335 and 525 series SSDs for 2013

On the consumer side of the SSD market for 2013, Intel is planning the realease of two new SSD series, the 335 and 525. The company is expected to deploy its newest 20nm flash memory for some of these drives. The Intel 335 series will replace the current mainstream 330 series of SSDs. The SSD […]

Amazon to get involved with 3D Mapping – Acquire UpNext

Amazon is a constantly changing company, its latest business move sees it moving into the world of 3D Mapping. Amazon have just acquired the four man company UpNext, a small business that specialise in 3D Mapping and currently produce a free iPhone App. Neither Amazon or UpNext have disclosed any details publicly about the deal […]

AMD prepares the FX 8350, FX 6300 and FX 4320

AMD is working on three new CPUs Zambezi @32 nm for the new platform Vishera with Turbo Core technology. They are built with SOI technology @32 nm  and will be compatible with all AM3 + motherboards in the market. The AMD FX 8350 will be the new flagship for AMD for its desktop CPU platform, […]

Apple to abandon the 30-pin dock connector with the iPhone 5

Many of us feared this, the rumors do not stop coming even from the beginning of this year and has finally been confirmed: Apple will abandon its famous 30-pin connector with the new iPhone 5 . Yes, as crude as it sounds, it seems that a step in Apple’s history has passed away. TechCrunch confirmed […]

AMD Sea Islands: The design of the Radeon HD 8000 Series is now complete

We continue to learn more good news from AMD and in this case, its next graphic card design Sea Islands is already completed, so that in a short while we will be talking about the first details on the future graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series that would replace the current HD 7000 Series. […]

MacBook Pro 13″ Benchmark: Better than the previous MacBook Air and previous MacBook pro by 10-15%

Every time we’re hearing more and more relating to information regarding the new MacBook Apple released last week. This time it is the benchmark of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It got a boost of 10% and 15% over previous models that was presented by the company, but more interesting is that the same percentage […]

AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition Specs revealed

AMD’s current HD 7970 lacks competitiveness with Nvidia’s GTX 680 in most 3D applications. However, AMD is bringing out a new replacement for the HD 7970, the HD 7970 GHz Edition. Utilising a higher default clock speed and lower core voltage, this replacement should offer higher performance, lower power consumption and better overclocking headroom, potentially […]