What is missing in the iPhone 5? That is found in all other phones?

Some critics have out swinging hard at Cupertino, with accusations that it was not able to surprise experts. “We could have chosen the easy  route and have designed something more normal and less spectacular, but we did not.” With this comment is how Apple has used to defend its latest creation, the iPhone 5. However, […]

[Review]The iPhone 5 is now official: 4-inch, LTE, new connector and A6 processor

Apple has introduced the iPhone 5. As expected, the new ‘smartphone of Cupertino has been the star of the presentation in San Francisco. The new device meets the 4 inches that was expected, A6 processor, new aluminum design, 8-pin connector and the expected LTE connection. In addition, the terminal will have iOS6 the latest mobile […]

iPad Mini: New images

When it seems that the interest on the products from Apple has received a breath of tranquility to be officially notified of the release date of the anticipated iPhone 5, we once again jump on the rumor stage, speculation about another of the most anticipated devices of Cupertino This time its the iPad Mini. Although […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430, with Thunderbolt, and has a price

Apple already has multiple systems with Thunderbolt, the initiative of Intel and Cupertino to provide a fast alternative for the transmission of content. More and more manufacturers are getting together and today, apparently Lenovo  officially joins this group with its ThinkPad Edge S430 that came with a price and specifications listed in an online store in […]

iPad Mini: We could get our hands on it this Christmas

There is no way to get rid of Cupertino these days. The company with the apple logo remains on a war for the information that is being leaked, and in this case we speak of the imminent introduction of the iPad 3. So now lets talk about the Ipad Mini. Do not claim victory just […]

iOS 6 Could be getting tested ? Could Apple be thinking about its sixth version of its OS?

And no we won’t stop talking about Apple, and this time the news is not about the expected iPad 3 that is said to arrive next week if nothing else, and it surprised us a lot and that it could turn around all that we expected from Cupertino in terms of software. What we’ve been […]