i7 3970X imminent and Ivy Bridge-E due in Q3 2013

Intel’s enthusiast LGA 2011 platform gets updated much less frequently than the mainstream consumer platforms like LGA 1155. As a result we still have to wait another year until the third quarter of 2013 before Ivy Bridge-E, the 22nm version of LGA 2011, will become available to consumers. According to the updated roadmap the i7 […]

Bethesda release Dishonored system requirements

“With less than two months until Dishonored’s release, we want players to prepare their weapons of revenge. No, I’m not talking about our website, I’m talking about the rig PC players intend to play the game on.” Bethesda’s above message was displayed to gamers on its blog as it released its system requirements for the […]

Samsung shows the first of 16 GB DDR4 memory module

Samsung Electronics has introduced the first memory module with a capacity of 16 GB double data rate-4 (DDR4) designed for use in enterprise servers. Made from a manufacturing process of 30nm, the high density DDR4 module from Samsung consumes about 40% less energy than DDR3-1600 module MHz@1.35V. Samsung will continue to work on the completion […]

AMD prepares the FX 8350, FX 6300 and FX 4320

AMD is working on three new CPUs Zambezi @32 nm for the new platform Vishera with Turbo Core technology. They are built with SOI technology @32 nm  and will be compatible with all AM3 + motherboards in the market. The AMD FX 8350 will be the new flagship for AMD for its desktop CPU platform, […]

Thecus announce latest 5-Bay N5550 NAS

Thecus has released a new 5-bay N5550 server. Featuring link aggregation, LCM display, USB 3.0, multi RAID functions. Associated with large amounts of DDR3, Intel® Atom™ CPUs will provide much better performance. Don’t be restricted to a 4-bay NAS, bring it up a notch, Thecus® N5550 is available and boosts the best performance with a […]

The Chinese CPUs are only the beginning: China is making its own GPUs

In recent years Chinese Loongson microprocessors (formerly known as Dragonson and Godson) was built around AMD’s HyperTransport bus (or even be compatible with AMD chipsets), have given much to talk about, impressing even Intel itself, and constantly innovate, creating the first UPU (CPU + GPU unified): the microprocessor IC1 from iCube. Loongson has even been […]