SilentMaxx develops passive Sandy Bridge E system

SilentMaxx is launching a range of fully passive Sandy Bridge-E systems, the series of systems is named the SilentMaxx Fanless I-850 gamer series.

The CPU is cooled by the SilentMaxx TwinMax passive CPU cooler which is capable of taking on the 135W TDP of Sandy Bridge-E. To continue the theme of silence within the system SilentMaxx have equipped an in-house passive 500 or 600W power supply depending on your choice of components.

SilentMaxx develops passive Sandy Bridge E system

The mainboard for the system is courtesy of Gigabyte, either an X79 UD3 or UD5. Processors available are the i7 3820, i7 3930k and i7 3960X. Up to 64GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM is available (for whatever you could possible use that much RAM for). SilentMaxx are offering an extensive collection of passive video cards, AMD’s HD 7770 to the HD 7970 are all available while Nvidia’s GTX 560Ti all the way up to the GTX 680 are available.

Hard drives and SSDs are available in a wide array of configurations with the option of adding Hard drive silencing enclosures should you choose to opt for potential noisy high RPM mechanical hard drives. The custom SilentMaxx ITA 2767 PC case comes pre-fitted with sound dampening foam to avoid the possibility of any unexpected noise coming out.

A whole range of other customisations are available such as sound cards, optical drives and more. As standard the SilentMaxx Fanless I-850 Gamer series comes with a 2 year warranty and the most basic configuration starts from €1279.


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