RTX 4090 tested running games at 8K, over 500 FPS in Overwatch 2

More positive news for team green as Notebookcheck reports, the RTX 4090 performs surprisingly well at 8K with DLSS 3 enabled.

YouTuber The Tech Chap was one of the lucky first to get a hold of the 4090 and has since tested the RTX4090 on an already powerful computer, equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Zen4 processor. The motherboard he uses is an Asus ROG Maximus X670E with 32GB of DDR5-6200 RAM.

In Overwatch 2 we find the most impressive results, with framerates between 354 and 520 in 8K. Other games like Forza Horizon are more “low key”, with frame rates of 56 to 76FPS in 8K, and 102 with peaks of 147 in 4K. It should be noted that in many of these cases the video signal has been scaled from 4K to 8K using DLLS3 because the games are simply not designed to run at that resolution.

The Tech Chap in a video above tested more games like Call of Duty Warzone or Crysis and I’m not going to spoil all his findings because it’s really worth a watch. What is clear is that, past the initial jokes about its excessive size, the 4090 is a wet dream for any gamer looking for uncontrolled graphics power in their games.


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GeForce RTX 4090


Oct 12th, 2022


24 GB, GDDR6X, 384 bit

GPU Clock

2235 MHz

Memory Clock

1325 MHz


16384 / 512 / 192

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