The invisible border between computers and consoles, has become narrower. Sony has just introduced in the next update of its operating system for its home console PlayStation 4 an interesting feature, Remote Play, which just happens to work similar to Windows 10 on Xbox One, will allow players to access their games from their computer screen (Windows or Mac).

Thus, in case if the TV is buzy, a user can play from a computer via a simple login. This feature, however, at the moment will not be available in the trial version that the Japanese company has recently launched (update 3.50).  However it will officially in the coming weeks.
Besides this novelty, players can schedule events playing with your friends directly from the console, and receive specific notifications, such as the ability to see when certain pre-selected friends are connected.

According to Wire, last year, a hacker named Twisted brought the feature to the PC, after which Sony mentioned that it was working on its own version of the technology. Microsoft’s Xbox One already has the ability to stream its gameplay to Windows 10 PCs over a home network.

It’s unclear how the implementation will look on the PC, or how high-fidelity the streams will be. In the present Vita iteration, as well as the hacked PC version based on it, framerates tend to stutter and drop, making the streaming more suitable for slower, more methodical experiences than for twitchy, action-heavy ones.

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