Optimized for Android, has the ability to play via ‘streaming’ is the main attraction.

Nvidia has taken its handheld Project Shield to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where users have been able to appreciate the tremendous potential of the device. This is a console optimized for Android games notable for being able to play via ‘streaming’ executed PC games. The first feeling with Project Shield have been downright good.

The ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ technically have evolved to the point of offering spectacular graphics quality. It has been shown that these devices can run complex games and nobody really doubt that ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ have much to say in the video game industry.

So far the only weak point of these devices in the field of video games has been the controller. Although touch screens offer great potential in some games is better control classic. Nvidia has been able to see that need and their answer is Project Shield.

This is an Android-based handheld. Its design is reminiscent of a classic console command screen. Since the company explained that the design is about 99 percent finished about six months ago and that’s the version we tested in the MWC.

Nvidia Project Shield has a five-inch screen with 300 pixels per inch. The heart of the device is a Tegra 4 that allows you to run games at 60 frames per second. As for the operating system, Nvidia has chosen Android Jelly Bean unchanged, merely introducing a proper application.

Following the design, Project Shield has two classic spider stick and control, as well as a traditional button controls for consoles. Highlights of the device are also that the sticks fit into the frame, but do not offer as much travel as a traditional controller, it provides a console like controller feel.

An Nvidia representative told us that the final design will improve the course and strength of the triggers and give it a nice finish to the touch, possibly with some kind of rubber that provides a soft touch.

At first contact, Project Shield has seemed very ergonomic and comfortable to play and the display shows good definition.

Great possibilities

Project Shield is much more than an Android handheld with good design. The Nvidia idea increasing the opportunities for Android as a gaming platform. Besides allowing more powerful use in video games developed for the Google operating system of thanks to Nvidia Tegra 4, in essence it can play any game technically.

This particular console can play by ‘streaming’ with any title (you could even use emulators) that we’re running on a PC. In this sense, it leverages the platform of ‘cloud gaming’ that Nvidia also announced at CES in January.

Thus, Project Shield can become an extension of more powerful computers, so users can use the console to run software away from the possibilities of a typical laptop.

Project Shield will arrive in the third quarter to U.S. and Europe in the fourth. This means that the company expected to be in these two territories before the end of the year, in time for the Christmas season.

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