Nvidia 650 Tis European pricing spotted

A handful of GTX 650 Ti graphics cards already listed in Europe with the lowest price set at €139,56.

The cheapest one comes from Gigabyte and it is an OC version. Most of these GTX 650 Ti graphics cards are currently listed only in Austria and as we wrote earlier, the final price is not carved in stone and it is something that Nvidia and retailers can change quite easily. Early listings of retailers that are trying to score some pre-orders usually charge a slight premium, so the final price might be a bit cheaper.

Point of View has three GTX 650 Ti cards listed,  the cheapest Radeon HD 7850 comes from Sapphire and is priced at €148,80, just a tad higher than the GTX 650 Ti.

You can check out those listings here.

Source: Clunk

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