Microsoft and Razer said to be developing keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One

Microsoft and Razer could be collaborating in the development of the necessary technology so that the Xbox One will be able to support the simultaneous use of a keyboard and a mouse, something that Microsoft has been saying for years that it was going to be done.

However, the use of these peripherals would be unfair to the rest of the gamers of the console. Microsoft has been promising for many years that the Xbox One console would have support for the use of keyboard and mouse. With years of nothing to show for, most users had already given up and the task was deemed as impossible, in reality, this news is nothing more than sweet words from the company to continue generating excitement with their games and their hardware. And it is clear that the arrival of the support of these peripherals, could change the whole landscape of use of this console.

According to Windows Central

Nice list of features:

Interestingly, in the case of these peripherals, the Xbox One will only support one keyboard and a mouse, unlike controllers, of which the console is capable of supporting up to 4 of them simultaneously.


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