Its been confirmed that the Radeon RX 490 will ship with Vega AMD GPUs

Thanks to a glitch from an internal project at AMD (particularly Evan Groenke), sources have confirmed that the current Polaris 10 GPUs will offer unlock able potential, that means that the next graphics cards, the AMD Radeon RX 490 will be based on the Vega AMD architecture.

PCGamesHardware was also able to interview an AMD worker, who was quite blunt in his response when asked if Polaris 10 GPUs had more potential to run unlocked.

“I can categorically confirm here and now that Polaris 10 is a chip in its complete version, with its 36 Compute Units, and has nothing more hidden, you can not unlock anything else. These video cards are the best we can offer today based on Polaris 10 architecture.”

This, of course, leaves little room for improvement. There is already talk of a hypothetical Radeon RX 480X instead of GDDR5 memory in GDDR5X, something that has a good chance to happen, but what seems clear after the latter’s reply from AMD is that we will not see versions with more CUs or anything similar. It is also postulated, following the usual nomenclature of AMD, a Radeon RX 485 that will be nothing but an update of the current RX 480 with its a “tuned” GPU¬† to improve performance.


AMD Vega