Intel stays quiet on smartphones at IDF

We know that smartphones are one particular market Intel is throwing billions into. Yet at IDF 2012 they’ve chosen not to mention anything about their plans for Intel smartphones and smartphone SoCs.

The general feeling is that Intel won’t talk about phones at all and that this part of business will probably align with big phone oriented trade shows like CES in the US or Mobile World congress in Barcelona.

Today’s keynote from Renée James, Senior Vice President General Manager, Software and Services Group is titled ”Security and Services in an Age of Transparent Computing” and we are almost certain that won’t feature anything related to smartphone plans.

Intel’s plan for smartphones looks promising thanks to Intel’s ever growing ability to eek out more and more performance per watt from their Atom processor architecture. Currently we have the Intel Atom Medfield SoCs whilst the next generation of mobile SoCs is called Merrifield and the 22nm mobile SoC will come after Merrifield under the codename of Silvermont.

Do not expect to hear anything from Intel at IDF about smartphones, but that certainly doesn’t mean Intel has abandoned this market – in fact that would be far from the truth.


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