How to tell if your Facebook has been hacked

Many of us may have invested a lot of time and effort creating our digital profiles that, for many, the idea of losing it or being stolen is terrifying.

What’s more terrifying is the fact that Facebook has over 1 billion users making it a prime target for hackers, not only that but its also a breeding ground for viruses to spread, because who is going to be wary of a link from a friend? That is why, sadly, theft for Facebook accounts is on the agenda.

How do we know that someone may have stolen our Facebook account?

The methods that hackers use to break into Facebook accounts are multiple, and for the normal user there is that little one can do so using your common sense might be the best thing you can do one such example is that you do not login to your Facebook account where you shouldn’t.

Facebook has some settings that you also need to be aware off that may help you find out if your account has been hacked. To do this we go to the upper right corner on our Facebook account and choose Settings. Then we have to go into “Security” and then what to look for is that says “Where’re logged in.


There we will get a menu like this that will tell us which devices and locations we have connected.

Here you can see where you may or may not have logged in, if you see a logging location that your sure wasn’t made by you we can cut off the connection from there by selecting “End Activity.”

Finding a solution when someone has stolen your Facebook account

But this is a temporary solution because if the hacker has our password they can be automatically reconnected – and they may have a program or a script to do this without having to worry about doing it by hand. That is why the next thing you have to do is change your password and check that these criminals have not touched things like your name, date of birth or security questions to be able to create a new password.

We will have to make a total change of our credentials. The next step is to go to the Facebook help page and enter the section that says “I think someone hacked my account or is using it without my permission.” Here we look for the link that tells us to that they will help protect it and go to this link. This form is what Facebook uses to guide us to set all security steps, including two-step authentication.


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