How to Install Windows 11 using a local account

If  you have Windows 11 Home version it currently doesn’t allow you to install Windows with a local account, as it requires you to have an existing Microsoft  account or you must create a new Microsoft account, we can only use a local account if we have the Pro version of Windows 11.

But there is a very simple trick which we can use, that will allows us to use a local account with Windows 11 Home edition.

Install Windows 11 with local account

We start the installation until we reach the screen where it asks for the Microsoft account.

At that moment, we must disconnect from the internet, if using a laptop try deactivating the Wi-Fi, if it is a computer you could disconnect the network cable, turning off the router, etc.

If that is difficult to do, we can do it from the Windows 11 installation itself.

To do this, press the Shift + F10 keys.

The CMD window will appear in which we type ncpa.cpl and press enter.

This will cause us to open the network connections window, in which we are using to have an internet connection, we right-click on it and select Deactivate.

The connection will appear in gray, as it is deactivated, so we can close the network connections window and the CMD window, to return to the installation.

Then click on Login Options, it will try to connect to the internet, but it will not be able to, then click on the top left arrow to return to the previous screen.

And at the moment the window will appear to create a local account in Windows 11 and followed by the password.

Create password for local account

Once the account is created, we repeat the previous process and re-enable the network connection, to continue with the installation of Windows 11.


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