Laptops that are designed for gaming are precisely just for that: run next generation games with good performance. To achieve this they use powerful graphics cards and processors, and must necessarily be large (15 ” at least 17-18″ the most potent). Many have have high resolution monitors and good quality speakers with a subwoofer, and often use fast hard disks (typically 7200 rpm, and in some cases in RAID 0 or SSD). They are generally of good quality and aggressive designs, but the batteries usually last very little (1-2 h).

The real laptops that are designed to play are expensive(usually from $1500, although the extreme gamer laptops can cost more than $3,000 or more). If you want a laptop mainly to play but do not have much of a budget check out multimedia notebooks that have midrange graphics or basic laptops, which in some cases also have acceptable graphics, naturally they do not give the same performance as they use mid-range graphics cards and mid-range processors, but provide acceptable performance at a good price.

Tips: For deciding a particular laptop, you should look at some things.

  • Graphics: The most power graphics cards include the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M and the AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series, which in some cases can be found in dual configuration (two in SLI or CrossFireX graphics). The GTX 670M is very interesting, is a bit less powerful than the GTX 660M but produces less heat. Maybe look for a list of games supported at Notebookcheck or look at comparative charts they will be useful.
  • Processor: When playing high quality games usually the bottleneck is the graphics card, but some games are very dependent on the processor, especially strategy games, RPG. The Intel Core i7 quad-core are a good choice, because when not all cores are used the others self-overclock (Turbo S mode).
  • Monitor: This range of portable laptops monitors are found in both low resolution (1366×768 15.6 “) and high resolution (up to 1920×1200 in 17” or 1920×1080 in various sizes). Higher resolutions on small monitors can make the text, icons and toolbars uncomfortably small. In addition, the more resolution the monitor has, the more power you need to run the games at the native resolution of the monitor.
  • Cooling: These gaming laptops generate a lot of heat, so they need a good cooling system. Normally they come with it, but it is worth spending a little more on good cooling pad. One of the best is the NZXT Cryo LX.
  • Mobility: Laptops for gaming are heavier than other laptops of similar size and battery life is short, so they really are not very portable. If you go to “parties” often a laptop is a good choice, but if you think that you will not move the computer almost ever, you will have more performance for your money with a desktop, like the Alienware Area-51 and Aurora. Recently released the market the Alienware M18x, with a 18.4 inch screen and a Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 7970M – CrossFireX.

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