How to block pop-ups in Google Chrome

The invasive advertising to which the user is subjected by apps that are full of advertising everywhere can be one of the most annoying things that exist when using your mobile phone. Therefore, there exists the possibility of blocking advertising efficiently and easily on Android mobiles.

Now it’s really easy to keep propaganda away from phones and tablets thanks to several native system options.

In any case, whatever mobile device you have, you also have the opportunity to stop ads thanks to one of the functions incorporated in the Google Chrome browser. If you use it on both your mobile and your tablet, we’ll explain how to configure it so that the ads stop bothering you.


Block pop-ups and ads in Google Chrome

What many do not know is that Chrome has its own tool to restrict advertising and you simply need to enable it.

– Start Google Chrome on your Android or iOS mobile.

– Click on the menu of the three points that are in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.

– Go to “Site Settings”.

– Enable the “Pop-up sales and redirects” option, to do this you just have to click on the switch.

– Go back to “Site Settings” and choose “Ads”.

– Activate the switch that is called “Ads”.


Restrict Chrome notifications on Android

This procedure is used to disable notifications from invasive web pages.

– Hold down the Google Chrome app icon and tap on the “i” button.

– Open “Notifications”.

– Now go to the “Notifications from all sites” function.

– Check the list of allowed sites and the number of alerts that a web page sends over a week.

– The only thing you have to do is disable the notification permission of the unknown portals in the list.


Remove ads from home screen

– You must press and hold the application icon and open the app information menu.

– Go to “Show over other apps”.

– Disable the option “Allow display over other applications”


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