Horror Film Based on the Terrifying Martha Is Dead Announced, One of the Most Controversial Games in Recent Years

The survival horror game by LKA faced the effects of censorship due to several disturbing scenes.

2024 has kicked off with several horror movies that we shouldn’t overlook, and as is customary, here’s another one that has surprised many. It’s a film adaptation of Martha Is Dead, the controversial video game developed by LKA that arrived on PC and consoles in February 2022.

The game’s story is set in Italy, 1994, amid the war conflict, where players take on the role of Giulia, a girl who has just lost her sister Martha. Following this tragic event, let’s just say strange things begin happening around the family home, and that’s all we can reveal for now. As for the movie’s plot, no details have been shared.

Martha Is Dead had to contend with censorship due to several sections featuring truly disturbing scenes. Moreover, the controversy escalated as some of these scenes involved player interaction through controls, sparking debates. However, it’s worth noting that only the physical edition for PlayStation consoles was affected.

Is Martha Is Dead worth it?
In our game review, we mentioned that “Martha Is Dead offers a highly interesting experience, thanks to its engaging storyline, the themes it explores, and the way it implements a classic mechanic like taking photographs. The atmosphere also excels, creating an environment where tension could be cut with a knife, thanks to the small details. However, the tedious processes we must overcome in some sections, along with the excess linearity, tarnish a package that could have offered more. Despite it all, it’s a good title, and any genre enthusiast will appreciate it.”

Martha Is Dead is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.


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