God of War: Ragnarök with dynamic 4K settings gets 60fps on PS5

1440p guarantees better performance. Sony Santa Monica Studio has revealed the resolution and performance modes you’ll have in God of War: Ragnarök but the game being released on three consoles, things are a little dramatic, the highly anticipated game is set to be released on November 9th.

If you’re going to play it on PS4, 1080 with 30fps is pretty much where you will be playing at, while on PS4 Pro you can choose between two modes. Quality mode runs between 1440p and 1656p with 30fps with performance target not fixed. Performance mode runs between 1080p and 1656p with 30fps unlocked.

This suggests that when possible, performance could go beyond 30fps and present a slightly more fluid experience, at the expense of image quality.

On PlayStation 5, you will enjoy playing at native 4K with 30fps and if you want you can move up to 40fps or 60fps unlocked with the help of technologies like VRR which you can enable dynamic resolution which can go down to 30fps.

In performance-focused PS5 modes, you’ll get dynamic resolution ranging between 1440p and 2160p to run at 60fps. You can enable VRR to improve performance, but for now we don’t know if the 60fps modes will impact image quality.


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