Get ready to pay more for NVIDIA’s G-Sync HDR module in new 4K 144 Hz monitors

4K gaming is on the rise but some hard core gamers are still holding out waiting for 4K 144Hz monitor as it turns out the new NVIDIA G-Sync HDR monitors with 4K at 144 Hz, have now made this a possibility to reach the 144 Hz refresh rate through manual OC, since its refresh rate is 120 Hz Inside these monitors we find the chip that makes possible the use of NVIDIA functions.

Inside the monitor we find an FPGA manufactured by a company that is owned by Intel, Altera.This model has a high performance chip that is manufactured in the 20 nm process and provides the necessary broadband to process the data of graphic cards. This chip is not exactly cheap, and this may be one of the main reasons for the excessive price that cost roughly 2600 euros or around $2,000. Considering that the company will buy it on the order of thousands, a single chip may cost $500 dollars. This module has 3 GB of DDR4 memory to supply the necessary performance to the FPGA.

Its also reported that NVIDIA is working to bring 65? BFG (Big Format Gaming) displays which will be using the same modules to give true HDR playback in gaming and movies.



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