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Lately these days we have been hearing that Samsung has already sold three million Galaxy Note 2 units of its smartphones. If you’re one in all these phone owners, have you ever dream about taking your Note and turning it into a PC replacement? This may sound like a crazy notion doesn’t it? Samsung on the other hand has already thought of that.

A innovative Galaxy Smart Dock has currently been created by Samsung that permits you to hook your note up to an HD monitor and use an additional USB accessories to make it a PC. The dock was 1st shown off at IFA 2012 in Berlin however is currently becoming a reality.

So what’s included with the dock? A speaker accompanied by a 3.5mm jack, the already mentioned HDMI port and a pair of USB ports. At $99 it’s reasonably we feel and it simply adds some additional ports but however doesn’t increase the RAM or any other extras found already in the Note itself.

So its fair to say hospitals or people on the go might have a use for something like this? that’s a reasonable question. Honestly, the Note paired up with this dock can be a capable phablet, however it in all probability it isn’t powerful enough to give up your desktop just yet. For traveling it would be helpful if you come across an HDTVs at hotels, still most folks have laptops which will do a number of features already built in, when compared to the Galaxy Smart Dock.

Probably one in all the foremost helpful places where we can see it becoming useful is when you are at your living room. If you’ve got the dock you are able to use its HDMI port to connect it to your flat screen or if you want to be the talk of a party. What do you think about the $99 price tag is it fair ? or is Samsung asking too much?

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