EK is working on a new water block for the Nvidia GTX 680 graphics series cards from Nvidia, with EVGA models being the lucky ones this time. The specific models are the EVGA 04G-P4-3687 y EVGA 02G-P4-3686.

The next waterblock EK-FX680 GTX FTW directly cools down the GPU, memory and VRM flowing water on these critical areas. Thus overclock capabilities of these cards will be increased exponentially. Furthermore it will allow a large flow of the liquid, which may be used even with a low power water pump. The base is made ??of nickel plated copper and while the top will have a satin acrylic material finish. As usual, you can connect up to 4 FC680 blocks using the EK-FC Bridge & Link system.

The EK-FX680 GTX FTW block will be available for purchase at the EK online store and other stores in late October for now we do not known of any prices.

via: TechPowerUp

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