ECS try thermal armour with the X79R-AX Stealth motherboard

Admin 2012-08-20 16:00:10

ECS try thermal armour with the X79R AX Stealth motherboard

The concept of “Thermal Armour” isn’t really a new one. We’ve only really seen it debut on recent generation ASUS Sabertooth motherboards with the pure intentions being to lower temperatures of motherboard components. It also offers protection for motherboard components from dust build up and a marmite-like aesthetic that you’ll either love or hate.

The ECS equivalent to ASUS’ Thermal Armour could easily confuse brands a bit so we’ll just call the ECS version a Stealth shroud. The shroud design is similar to what we’ve seen before except the shroud is not perforated but features venting for the edges as well as open gaps for crucial inputs like power, memory and PCI express lanes.

The rest of the motherboard, the Stealth Shroud aside, shares almost an identical feature set with ECS’ Black Series motherboards. Based on the X79 chipset this motherboard is targeting the enthusiast crowd so expect pricing to reflect that. No specific launch date has been set in stone yet but expect it out as soon as possible so ECS can capture some more of the X79 market before sales start to decline in the run up to Haswell and Ivy Bridge-E.