• Release Date February 26, 2011
  • CPU ARM11 Dual-Core a 266MHz, Single-core ARM9
  • Graphics PICA200
  • Memory 128 MB FCRAM
  • Sound Stereo speakers
  • Media 32GB,256GB SDs
  • Manufacturer Nintendo
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Nintendo 3DS (codename) is the successor to the Nintendo DS. It is a portable video game console from the Japanese multinational Nintendo for video games and multimedia. The name is a union of "3D" (for the three-dimensional effect of the screens) and "DS". Recent Nintendo patents have registered the Nintendo 3DS, 3DSWare for downloads, and 3DSPlay.

Launching On March 23, 2010, Nintendo sent out a press release announcing this new console. Despite the little information that there was at the moment about the new Nintendo 3DS, a small summary of some of the features that the portable console will carry had already been released. Nintendo 3DS is not Nintendo's first attempt to create a console that works with 3D, since in 1995 it launched the Virtual Boy. 3D system without the need for accessories. It will be released in Japan before the end of this fiscal year, which began in April, and will end in March 2011.