• CPU 8 cores AMD Zen 2 a 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz with SMT), Xbox Series S: 3.6 GHz (3.4 GHz with SMT)
  • Graphics 12.16 TFLOPs, 52 CUs a 1,825 GHz, Xbox Series S: 4 TFLOPs, 20 CUs a 1.565 GHz
  • Memory 16 GB GDDR6, Xbox Series S: 12 GB GDDR6
  • Media SSD NVMe with 1 TB SSD, Xbox Series S: NVMe 512 GB, hard disk, SSD via USB
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Microsoft's latest new generation of consoles is called Xbox Series X, it comes with a monolithic design that leaves no one indifferent and is presented as the most powerful console in the world.

Microsoft has surprised everyone with a vertical design console (although it can be placed horizontally) that maintains dimensions of 151 x 151 x 301 millimeters. These measures allow it to adopt a very striking monolithic appearance, in which only the Blu-ray disc slot, the power button, the disc eject button, a pairing button and a front USB are visible. It has a very minimalist design that continues to maintain the style line applied in the Xbox One X and that works really well in this new console. In the back area we will find the classic connection ports, where we will have an HDMI, an Ethernet port, two USB 3.1 ports, the power connector and the Seagate expansion card slot that we will talk about next. It is worth mentioning that the console will not include optical audio output, so the sound will necessarily go through HDMI 2.1 (capable of transmitting Dolby Atmos).

Internally it is a work of engineering, the motherboard is composed of two modules that are interconnected sharing a chassis that acts as a heatsink. On them rests a large but quite silent fan, which will be responsible for generating an air flow from the bottom up. Xbox Series X will offer by default performance that will guarantee 4K resolution at 60 images per second, however, it will not end there. The console will be able to work with frequencies of up to 120 Hz, which will be ideal for gaming monitors, but also, it will dare with 8K resolutions, although we do not know the rate of images per second that it will be able to achieve.The graphic quality will be quickly surpassed compared to the current generation thanks to technologies such as ray tracing, which will operate with DirectX to offer the calculation of reflections and flare in real time. In the image above you can see the differences that Gears V offers running on an Xbox One and an Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X will include a 1TB SSD inside. This drive will be a high-speed NVMe disk that will achieve transfers of up to 2.4 GB / s, which will allow for especially fast load times. With the idea of ??being able to maintain these features and expand the capacity of the console, in the rear area we will find a slot for some cartridges that will be sold separately.These cartridges or cards will be external NMVe units manufactured by Seagate that will increase the capacity of the console. It seems that the size of these units is 1 TB, but at the moment the price that it will have is unknown, something that we intuit will not be especially cheap. With the help of this technology, the loading times of games have been improved in an incredible way.

Thanks to the RAM, the SSD load speed and the processing power of the Xbox Series X, the new console will be able to offer a new level of game hibernation that we have not seen before. As shown with this official video, we can go from one game to another without losing the course of the game, since it will be completely paused and we can continue where we left off.

The console will also be accompanied by a new command. At first glance it seems identical to the current one, but in reality it hides a series of very interesting technical improvements that could improve the gaming experience. The most important is connectivity. With a proprietary wireless connection developed by Microsoft, the gamepad manages to connect to the console and send commands with almost no latency, which would help to have the best response time when pressing each button.

Microsoft has also released a lowered priced Xbox Series S console that will feature less capable hardware than Series X. Hence the price reduction. Still, you don't have to worry too much if you are not a super demanding user. Because Microsoft's next-generation inexpensive console will be able to run all the new games that are released on the market. The only difference is that having lower power these will not go to the maximum, at 4K resolution, but they would run at a maximum video quality of 1440p and 60p.

However, we will talk about all these details and differences shortly. Now Microsoft needs to confirm everything related to these Xbox Series S and Series X. From the technical details to the price of both, which according to Windows Central in the case of the most powerful version would be $ 499. But hey, patience, if everything is fulfilled, we will soon leave doubts. Because it is expected that from next November 10 both consoles will be available.