Club 3D today a brand that is not yet well known in our country announced two new products to its line of Radeon HD 7000 video cards. The 7750 with 4GB GDRR3 and 1GB GDRR3 7750. Significantly, they are not being implemented with GDDR5 memories so we are dealing with cards with a very high price but not quite salvageable performance.

The 7750 of 4GB offers a good frame buffer good for those gamers who do not have very big pockets and the 7750 1GB is 12% cheaper than the best memory options.


Both cards counted with custom sinks based on 1 50mm fan to ensure that the temperature does not damage the product and maintain the expected lifetime. Both 7750 DDR3 consumes less power equally so no need extra power supply, with the PCI Express connector will suffice.

These types of products are very good options for people who only want to do things like watch videos in HD, very basic video editing or just improve their user experience on a system.

Do you think that the use of GDDR3 memory will be severely affect performance?

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