2011 and tech industry: 10 reasons to remember the year

Why 2011 will be remembered by the tech industry? The death of Steve Jobs or via social networking revolution are just some of the most important. A year is almost over and just before we take a plunge into an anticipated 2012 let’s take a moment to look back at 2011 What has it meant […]

Smartphones are destroying the camera market

Smart phones increasingly incorporate more powerful specifications. One of the tools that has improved in recent times is that cameras are being built, this is one of the most attractive features when thinking about having a phone. However, this continuous improvement is making the digtal camera market smaller. Data from a study point in the […]

Know whether an image has been Photoshoped or not

Today, though we be the first ones we turn to Photoshop to make portraits, landscapes or any images that will leave us better looking than before after we have take a photo with our camera, the truth is that there is no denying that we live in a world distorted by the retouching of images, […]

Google Music Store, new details, can it compete with iTunes ?

As it was announced last week, tomorrow could become the official launch of Google Music and Google Music Store, two closely related products that could eventually be housed under a single name, Google Music. We have hear alot of rumors but none with confirmation. Small details that where leaked by workers that Google was testing […]

Outsourcing IT services: When to implement?

Technology has become a powerful tool for all companies, in order to maximize their performance, they understand and use to its potential. Able to contribute to business growth, without a doubt a successful deployment of IT services, optimizes production time and reduce costs, which impacts positively on the profitability of the company. An organization, maintaining […]

Review of the new Ubuntu 11.10

Last October, Ubuntu released its latest stable version of Linux baptized with the name “Ocelot”. Ubuntu 11.10 just seen the light. It would not be exaggeration to say that Ubuntu is rarely indifferent to system users. If the previous version was already reasonably good (although their desktop environment, Unity, has never reached celebrity status), the […]