HP Elite x3 has one of the best screens of all time

The HP Elite x3 is a touchscreen phone with popular innovative features that allows it to be useful for any form of entertainment anytime and anywhere, representing one of the best mobile device ever made. The 6-inch screen is a real beauty that puts this HP at the top of its category. In addition the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a USB Type-C design

According Sammobile, The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 in addition to being waterproof and dustproof and potentially support new Gear VR technology. It will be the first Note to use Samsung’s USB Type-C port designed for mobile phone products. In fact, when the Galaxy S7 series was released, there where rumors that the Galaxy S7 would […]

Meizu Pro 6: The first smartphone with 10 cores

The new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer also has a Super AMOLED screen 5.2 inches with pressure sensor. The Chinese manufacturer Meizu has just unveiled its new high-end smartphone, the Pro 6. This smartphone is the first to use the MediaTek Helio X25 processor that sets a record comprising of 10 cores (four at 1.4GHz, […]

Alienware 13 Benchmark results

Laptops for gamers these days is a balance between power and portability – if you travel around – and still with to play next-generation games, or those who just want to look good while gaming. For looks and prestige it doesn’t get better than Alienware. Alienware 13 (early 2015 model) specs: i7-5500u @ 2.4GHz 16GB […]