Getting started Asus ZenPad 8.0 (Z380C)

The 8 inch Asus Android tablet offers good features on paper and a decent price ratio. Is that enough to make it a powerful and enduring model? The ZenPad 8.0 (Z380C) is an 8 inch Android 5 tablet that does not cost too much (just over $140) and has attractive features such as IPS screen […]

AT&T already testing both Galaxy S7 variants (SM-G930A and -G935A), adding weight to rumors of an early- to mid-1Q16 release

The Samsung Galaxy S7 could soon be hitting the U.S market as early as mid 2016, sources are saying that AT&T already has been working with the latest Samsung smartphone Add another clue to the list of items suggesting Samsung is quickly approaching a release date for their next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Actually, it […]

The 5 best free antivirus Apps for Android

[tps_header] Despite the high security provided by Android, it never hurts to have an extra layer protection on your Smartphone. Also consider that the virus Apps for this operating system have other features, in addition to defense against the typical virus characteristics. These are the 5 most downloaded.[/tps_header] #5 AVAST Mobile Security AVAST Mobile Security Avast […]

Use Screen Pinning to lock your friends from using your Android Phone

Screen Pinning is a new feature found in Lollipop 5.0 that allows users to “pin” apps on the screen of your device, thus avoiding “guests” from leaving the app and accessing other application or getting into your files. From a far it doesn’t seem much, but in certain situations it can be a very good […]

Tech site Tweakers, tests HTC One M9 under GfxBench find it runs hot

Reputable Danish tech site Tweakers, put the HTC One M9 to the test using the strenuous GfxBench tool. The results where not good for those looking to get the latest HTC offering, the site found that the device ran at 55.4 Celsius, meanwhile its main competitor the iPhone 6 Plus was one of the coolest […]