Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: location of all safes and their codes to get the Gentleman Thief trophy

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Campaign immerses you in a story of conspiracies and covert operations. Along it you can find up to three safes that grant the Gentleman Thief trophy/achievement. I’ll tell you where to find them and what their combinations are so you don’t have to solve the riddle.

Safes and codes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Gentleman Thief Achievement/Trophy requires you to open three safes, each with its own unique code. Remember that you can replay each mission whenever you want, so don’t worry if you’ve skipped one. Luckily, you only have to repeat two missions in the worst case.

Safe 1
Mission: The Nameless.
Location: First Floor, closet in Diego’s room.
Code: 02-02-19
Rewards: Lockwood 300 Shotgun (silenced) and Plate Carrier Vest.
It starts after Alejandro hands you the knife and a mask. Go straight across the stage, past the terrace and by the pool, until you reach a kitchen or barbecue area.

Go through the open door on the left and go to the balcony you see in the next image. Climb using the wall with plants. Upon entering, head left up the stairs and use the compass to orient yourself to North-338. Diego’s room is at the end of the hall, past an archway. The door is open, but be careful because there are quite a few guards.

This is the standard input. There is another faster entrance that allows you to go up the ledge directly to the room: look for another balcony on the opposite side of the house, taking the second image as a reference. Look for a curved ladder, climb up two plant walls, and proceed along a ledge. It has no loss.

Safe 2
Mission: Alone.
Location: Second floor of the Cafeteria.
Code: 10-10-80.
Rewards: .50 GS Pistol (silenced) and Throwing Knife.
Advance through the Alone mission until you reach the point that I show you in the first image. From this moment on, you must be very vigilant. Keep going. When you jump off the balcony, you will see a green door. DO NOT OPEN IT! Look for the opposite side of the house and you will see the entrance through a garage.

Once in the garage, if you look through the window on the right, you will see the trap that would have killed you if you opened the door. Break the glass, go inside and disable the trap to get the shotgun. Make your way through the darkened houses until you reach an exit door where you find a dying civilian. You have reached the cafeteria, location of the safe.

As you enter the cafeteria, turn left and force the door open with a craftable. If you don’t have one, craft one as the game taught you. The place has the necessary materials. Inside is the safe. Open it with the code I have provided and enjoy.

Safe 3
Mission: Alone.
Location: Car Workshop (next to the Cafeteria).
Code: 37-60-80.
Rewards: Crossbow and Throwing Knife.
Safe 3 is extremely close to Safe 2, so close that they are almost wall to wall. Jump through the hole in the railing you see in the first image and turn left as soon as you fall. You will see an open door that leads to an alley. Just as you exit you will see a white car and a blue door just behind it. Enter for her.

Continue through the garage until you reach the office on the left. Inside is the safe you seek. As soon as you open it, you should get the trophy/achievement.

Make good use of the .50 pistol and the crossbow because you will need them for the rest of the mission. The guards you’ll encounter from here on out are usually armored, so try to avoid combat. Good luck!



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