Best order to finish Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple for Nintendo Switch combine traditional Pokémon gameplay with the open world structure of Paldea.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, you are a student at the Grape Academy or the Orange Academy, and you participate in the annual treasure hunt held by this institution. To do this, you will have to finish three quest lines: the Legendary Path, the Stardust Path and the Victory Voyage.

You can tackle these challenges in any order you like, but the level of the challenges doesn’t scale to the level of our team. This means that it may be that you find yourself with challenges that are too hard for your current level, or that you skip some of the simpler ones.

There’s clearly a better way you can approach these stories in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, which we’ll detail below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide: best event and gym order

Your first task when you start the game will be to clear the opening chapter, First Day of School, where you will be given the three storylines needed to clear the game.

After finishing it, you can complete all three storylines – Legendary Path, Stardust Path, and Victory Voyage – at your own pace, moving between defeating Dominant Pokémon, defeating Gym Leaders, or clearing Team Star camps. .

The first thing we recommend is that you intersperse the three missions as you explore Paldea, instead of focusing on just one. In this way, you can go up the levels of your Pokémon naturally.

This is our preferred order to finish the story of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple:

  • Complete the First Day of School mission.
  • Go to the Bug-type gym in Fire Tin Town
  • Face Klawf, the Rock in the Wall
  • Beat Brais’ Gym, Plant type, in Pueblo Altamía
    Face Bombirdier, Flying Terror
  • Defeat Dark-Type Star Team Camp
  • Defeat the Fire-type Star Team Camp
  • Beat the third battle with Mencía
  • Defeat e-Nigma, the Electric-type leader in Leudal City
  • Confront Orthworm, Steel Digger
  • Earn the Water Type medal in Ciudad Cantara
  • Defeat the Poison-type Star Team Cam
  • Beat Laureano, the Normal-type leader in Pueblo Mestura
  • Fourth battle with Mencía
  • Beat the Ghost-type gym in Hozkailu
  • Fifth battle with Mencía
  • Beat the Psychic-type gym in Alforno Tow
  • Face Ironfang (Purple) or Longfang (Scarlet), Terror of Earth
  • Beat the Ice-type gym in Sierra Napada
  • Beat Team Star’s Fairy-type camp
  • Beat Team Star’s Fighting-type camp
  • Defeat Dondozo, the False Dragon
  • Finish the Victory Voyage story
  • Finish the Stardust Track story at the Grape or Orange Academy entrance
  • Finish the Legendary Path by facing off with Damian
  • Beat the Elite Four and the Champion
  • Sixth battle with Mencía
  • At this time, you will unlock the final plot of the game

Cheats for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple
These are some tricks that you can use to start your adventure in Paldea:

  • Pay attention to which Zone you are in. The zone number indicates the level of wild Pokémon and trainers, with 1 being the lowest and 6 being the highest.
  • Look for the high areas. Not only will they give you great views, but you can use them as teleportation in areas that don’t have Pokémon Centers.
  • Use the automatic battle function to have your Pokémon defeat others quickly. This functionality allows you to obtain items and gain experience and materials faster.
  • Redeem your Pokédex rewards. By pressing the ‘x’ button in the caught Pokémon tab of your Pokédex you will get various rewards for reaching different goals. In addition, the Pokédex itself will allow you to search for the locations and habitats of the Pokémon that you have sighted, even if you have not captured them.
  • Always carry Pokédolls with you. Since the game is open world, sometimes you will come across Pokémon that are much higher in level than you are. It’s important to have a way to run away from combat so your entire team doesn’t get taken down.
  • Recharge your teracrystallization orb! You can only teracrystallize your Pokémon after going to a Pokémon Center and recharging your orb, so make sure you constantly recharge it so it’s available when you need it.
  • You can change the teratype of your Pokémon. When you reach Pueblo Mestura and pass Laureano’s gym, you will be able to access a mechanic that will allow you to change the teratype of your Pokémon by collecting Teratype shards. You will get Teratype shards by defeating teracrystallized Pokémon.
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