Avexir Core Series DDR3 2400MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

The market has seen quite a large push in the memory sector as of late, as consumers demand larger capacity kits with faster speeds, for as little money as possible. Add into the mix the addition of Z77 and the broad spectrum that the platform is aimed at, and you’ll see why this sudden influx of different modules are in the market and why different brands are jumping on the sales wave.

One company who seemed to have popped up from no where is Avexir. If you are in the industry like me, then you will most likely have all of your business contacts in the industry on Facebook, and therefore would have noticed the fact that everyone is using these Avexir kits, whether it be for some extra style with the LED lighting, or if they are sending the modules sub-zero. Either way, it’s been Avexir taking the market by storm, so we wanted to find out what all the fuss was about, and therefore contacted Avexir to ask some questions.

A week or so later, the Avexir Core Series 2400MHz 16GB dual-channel kit arrived with us and as you turn the pages of this review, you’ll see the style, design and of course performance of these modules at both stock and overclocked speeds.¬†When it comes to memory, the limiting factor for any review is writing about anything other than the performance, but we’ll try regardless, as the Core Series do offer a certain little bit extra when it comes to the style side of things, and that’s definitely worth noting, so lets get straight into it.

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