AMD’s current HD 7970 lacks competitiveness with Nvidia’s GTX 680 in most 3D applications. However, AMD is bringing out a new replacement for the HD 7970, the HD 7970 GHz Edition. Utilising a higher default clock speed and lower core voltage, this replacement should offer higher performance, lower power consumption and better overclocking headroom, potentially a GTX 680 slayer?

The “Tahiti XT2″ based HD 7970 GHz Edition will use a core voltage of 1.02v compared to the current 1.175v on the “Tahiti XT” based HD 7970 (regular). In addition a core clock of 1100MHz will be possible on this lower voltage, compared to the 925MHz core clock on the “Tahiti XT” HD 7970. Other than that we expect memory performance and specifications to remain identical to the current HD 7970.

TSMC and AMD have been working to refine this chip over the past months and the new HD 7970 GHz Edition will enter production next week which should result in retail availability by early July. We are hopeful that this new HD 7970 GHz Edition will beat the GTX 680, the MSI Lightning HD 7970 clocked at 1070MHz gives equal performance to the GTX 680 so 1100MHz at a lower core voltage looks like an absolute winner – watch this space.

Source: OCaholic

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