It is common knowledge among enthusiasts that the difference between AMD’s Radeon and FirePro graphics cards is a few tweaks of firmware, software and raised build quality for the latter. So when AMD shows off their dual-GPU W9000 FirePro graphics card it raises a few eyebrows amongst the enthusiasts.

Featuring dual Tahiti GPU chips (the same as those used in HD 7900 series Radeon cards) with only two 8 pin power connectors (meaning possibly using the newer higher performance Tahiti XT2‘s) this graphics card has a striking resemblance to what the HD 7990 would be expected to have.

The card has 6GB of GDDR5 memory, 3GB per GPU, and the GPU compute statistics are impressive:

  • up to 264.8 million pixels/s
  • 4 TFLOPs single-precision floating point
  • 1 TFLOPs double-precision floating point

Finally in what may be a huge leap forward for AMD, they have ditched the noisy lateral blower style cooler. In its a place is a triple 90mm fan cooler featuring lower RPMs, and hopefully lower noise.

Source: 4Gamer

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